In the article, Ellen Carillo is worried about students not knowing why nor care about what they are reading. I completely agree with that because many students do not bother to care about what they reading. Or care about who the author is. Being a teacher, it is your responsibility to inform the students when reading anything who the author is, give them context on what they are reading and why it was written. All of these things matter when it comes literature. This helps students gain a better understanding and helps them dive deeper on what they are reading. However,  they’re are some students who skim through articles and books just to find answers to questions they were assigned to. In my elementary schools days when I would have English class, I would skim though books to look for answers instead of trying to understanding the context of the story or, at least, understand who the author is. However, once I got to middle school and high school my teachers would make sure that we would have insight on what we are reading. She/he would give us information on the author and little bit of information on the story. Reading for the meaning and for the context of a story is different then having random facts in your head from the story. It is better because you have a more deeper understanding on what you just read then knowing facts that you’ll probably forget the next day. I believe that google and online researching  is a great way to learning, but it isn’t better than learning from books. Google is a quick way to find answers but books might give you a more profound answers. I do not think Google-knowledge is better than understanding because they both have different ways of teaching. Looking up something on Google can lead to facts but not give you the full understanding of what you want. Whereas books would give you a deeper understanding of what we want. Books shouldn’t be replaced by Google. Reading is an everyday thing. You have to be able to read in order to get though life. We shouldn’t be replacing books with Google especially, if they are both useful in there own way. It is very important to teach students how to read and write. I suggest when reading something students should write down questions on the side of the page, and answer it after they read the book or article so they can have a better understanding on what they. Also, should write down words they do not understand then look it up. This would make them readers and writers. I think this one of the best ways to become more knowledgeable in literature.