The word genre can mean a lot of things; from literature to music, to a category of artistic composition. Although these subjects are different they all carry the same similarities. However, to be specific, genre in literature is a composition that can determine literary techniques such as; tone and content. In every story there’s a genre and a narrative, which is a reference of the story being told; that is laying out the events and personal life experience. In this sense, I will be introducing my own educational narrative I learned going into high school. Before high school, I didn’t really have an interest in any political or racial topics in school because no one really took it seriously. So when someone doesn’t take it seriously it’s hard to stay on task and really pour your feelings. At the time in middle school I was still finding myself, so I was just following and laying low. Now, i’m not saying no one cared, but I am saying that not everyone had a passionate feeling towards it then others. But that changed when I entered high school. Everyone in my high school was motivated and everyone had a driven passion to answer all questions in regards to the topics. 

Entering freshman year of high school was different. I went to Jamaica High School and the environment was a lot different then the old school I went to. The difference between my old middle school and my high school was the races. My old school was filled with white, hispanic and asian people. Now, my high school was filled with a fresh new culture of Trinidad and Tobago; The dual island-caribbean nation filled with African descent and East indians. So every history lesson or english lesson was filled with so much emotion, especially since most topics where racial topics, inequality, old stories of slavery, etc. As a white hispanic, I entered this school with no knowledge at all of the experiences of color and came out with more than enough information of their experiences, why they said the answer they said and personal statements. The educational purpose that comes from this is viewing their side of the education system, and how their personal lifestyle interwinds with the lesson. As someone with a different complexion and background, I never experienced what they experienced so I felt like an outsider with not much to say because I was afraid of what to say and how they would view me as being the one out of four light complexion girls. But, the students and the teachers in my high school always encourage me to say something and so I did. After intaking all of the other students’ personal opinions and statements towards any lesson, I used it to my benefit to view how they see any situation and really put myself in their shoes and decided whether I would’ve reacted the same way. 

The pain, suffrage and cries they write down on that paper in regards to the lesson- really opened my eyes. The first time I had a profound experience related to learning would be the Frederick Douglass lesson in English. That was the start and then onward out every lesson was related to most black abolitionists who helped create a change in this world. Those lessons really impacted me deeply because it gave me a more understanding, shaping me in a deeper relationship to the school. The lessons relate to a lot of social and cultural issues that gave a clearer understanding as to why those issues happened and what actions were taking charge of them. Personal experience of students gave ideas as to why, and gave great solutions. This understanding reflects on the communities/world I have inhabited because it shows the difference of a comprehension and how both communities take things differently. As well, as how communities deal with ongoing injustice and that communities that deals with it the most is people of color. Stories I’ve been told strikes me with shock because till this day people of color still deal with ongoing situations that shouldn’t be dragged to the point where killing/shooting comes into play as a “solution”. 

In my old school I never experienced this. I’ve never experienced anyone really putting in their personal experiences in a topic. No one related much to the topic in my old school, therefore I really had nothing to intake from someone who personally felt it. No one had their justice overlooked or disregarded by the high authority and it shows. It shows the difference this system has between those who are privileged and those who aren’t, those who are majorities and those who are minorities. But, in my high school I had the opportunity to learn and observe others who really touched deeply with the topic. So when it comes to my understanding of the experience, the best way for me to do so would be reading others personal work and listening and just learning their language and how they put down their thoughts and how they portray them. This event in my time has been significant and has changed my perspective on lessons that have a valuable meaning. My understanding on topics like these unfolded more clearly and has a deeper meaning and it’s something I have found myself driven to know and understand.