I agree with Ellen Carillo because I do believe that if you have the opportunity to teach, you’re given a big responsibility. When you give students something to read the context matters as much as the author and why it was written. It offers an even deeper meaning behind the context and actually gives students the opportunity to dive more into a story and why it matters. My education did have this influence on me, I did have a literature class where we were actually taught first about the author, the author’s life, and then the book and why it was written. I agree with the fact that Google is great for quickly researching something. However I also believe that online resources and books aren’t the same. I think that when someone writes an article and puts it on the internet they make it spammable. Most people when they research something they skim the text to find the answer to their question. I differentiate when someone knows something vs understands something. It’s one thing to have facts floating in your brain but it’s another to really know everything and the history behind it. I think books to this day hold great importance and shouldn’t be replaced by Google. I agree with the notion that we should push against text-centric views of readings. Reading is important and will continue to be a part of everyone’s life for their whole life not just in school. However not every job or career that a person has asks them to write as much than read. I don’t think the focus should be on preparing for college because college is a small portion of everyone’s life. I think it’s more important to teach students how reading and writing can be present in their daily lives. If you look at a person’s life it turns out that we don’t spend nearly half our lives in school but rather living and working and hopefully doing what we love. I understand something on a college level could be difficult so your reaching this high level of knowledge or writing however it needs to be understood that not everything is for college and education is really for you to learn more about the world you live in and to feed your brain.  I think annotating is the best strategy and also building on those ideas (annotations) is great too.