The Rise of Aquatopians

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We live in a world full of issues. There are many ways of getting your source of news. If it’s not the Media, then other sources like the newspaper or online articles. Reading the news can be a simple task but do you understand the message of what’s really going on. It can take a source of entertainment for you to grasp the meaning of what is recalling going on with our world. For the creative project a short story was created giving off a setting of New York in the future.

Elements like comedy, tragedy and informing are included. The short story can also be looked at as a sign of persuasion to better the environment. Environmental science fiction can be described a news outlet with an imaginary twist. It can be described as a news outlet as it serves as a reminder of what’s going on in a particular environment. As for this short story, New York City is the environment focused on.

Environmental issues like Water pollution, Population, Cost of living, and class. Cost of living and Class can be looked at as an economic issue but it can be seen as environmental if majority of society faces these issues. The environment of New York City can be viewed as a place of greed. Cost of living is on a steady increase creating more obstacles for the working class. The working classes are simply trying to elevate their class status but it becomes a challenge to manage a budget. Environmental Science fiction opens up a bunch of predictions having thoughts of different outcomes. In a way it can be called a mystery.

Have you ever asked your self, well if the upper class has a good income what is causing the delay on having these issues fixed? By having these issues fix does it create less profit for their partners in the same bracket? Can it just be the fact that the well amount of income is causing them to loose site of change that is needed? Change starts with the power of one. If you believe and have faith in your process to accomplish this change, it can happen.

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Connie is not the Only Crazy One Ive lost My Mind also

Well to start off this book has taken me a long time to get into and i fell behind a couple post because this book does take a chunk out my schedule filled with other classes. First semester trying a writing intensive course and i suck at it. I feel that if this was the only class i was taking this semester maybe i would be more alive.  I chose science fiction to wake up a younger side of me that was interested in it guess i should’ve left that side alone. Well before i slam this book 100 times against my head lets get into some things that sort of grabbed me along the way.

pg 238 (piercy) ” I was born in 1938. You want to see my welfare ID?” Actually, of course, she didnt have it; it was back at the hospital What eye-dee? What you show-a card so they know who you are but eveybodys’s implanted” Reading that made me feel like that as of now we are not far from that happening where there’s a new source of control happening from the government.  On the same page until the next page theres  a sex contract mentioned which made me think about how marriage now will soon loose its affect on society today. To go on symbolism of class is brought up when discussing the “Richies” who live longer. On page 290 it makes me reflect on the prices that inflate on goods in the market. Soon all the fruits and vegatables that we were so easy to purchase will be come a myth.. Like whole foods the market on steroids.

Looking further  into the chapters you start to see the future illustrated with a touch of the past. There are a couple of Points that make you think about the power of control. I looked at chapter 20 which was basically the whole story line aka the background info on a connie and to realize like it was predicted that it was all in her head. Overall i am confused about this book in many ways but get certain points/ symbols that were made.

rate it 3.2/5  At one point i was into the book then i just wanted to throw the book some where. Hearing that this is the “last post” of the semester. Well I have mixed emotions about this book.

Thought of this song reading this book


Project 2 Proposal

For project #2 I was thinking about doing my own sci-fi story. In my story i was thinking about teaching a lesson like the bradbury story. For my research i was going to look up an issue that’s currently affecting us that way readers can relate. I have sort of an idea of what issue i want to tackle. I was inspired by 2 things that were covered this sememster.

One thing was the moma exhinbit, The moma exhibit gave me an idea on whats going on with society population wise. The Bradbury story showed me the advancement of technology. With my story i will try to incorporate the style of the authors with my own twist on it.


Soft Rains (aka Memory lane)

Its a blast from the past

When i first started English in college the 2nd part of it, The class spent a quarter of the semester covering this book. First time i read it i was scared like wondering is this was the future of technology. Re-Reading this my ideas pretty much stayed the same on what i think this passage is trying to cover. I took an approach where i observed a Man Vs Nature approach. In the passage You can see that nature still out does technology. No matter how advance technology may become there will be a flaw that can be costly. I also stated that this passage is also a prediction because now we have house alarms that talk, and it reminds me of the house talking stating the time. I do believe that we are not far from this type of advancement where the house will be able to do almost all features.

In a way technology is to fulfill out needs but we can not count on technology as perfections. They may be able to act quickly but i see it as a train of thought. One example is when your on your way to a place  of work, after the first few times you get the hang of address but the common thing at a point would be to use our cell phone in the same matter of those times which makes you more dependent of it which cases a slow take over of your mind.

Another thing that crossed my mind reading this again was a connection to the MoMa Exhibit, One question i ask is , Do you think houses like this will be made to control population.  Increase of population is causing a certain amount of problems and the house does kill off everyone and self destruct/or should i say set its self on fire.  idk, thats just a thought that crossed my mind.

This passage did teach me to appreciate nature more and also try to do the simple things using my head first before  being dependent on technology

Think about it

if some one were to ask us whats 9X8

i bet we would all be quick to whip out a calculator because the feeling of being lazy can be relaxing but it hurts us in the end, because what if one day your ask that question and the calculator is mal functions. Slowly we are starting to loose the primary way we were taught things. There is nothing wrong with improvement but it doesn’t mean to be lazy


Checking Out MOMA (POP Overload) BOOM

Going to moma felt refreshing because i got to step out the zone when it comes to travel routes and i enjoyed the city. I have plans of returning again when the weather get warmer. The exhibit i felt connected very little to the stories we read. I felt a connection as in the exhibit paints a background story on what creates a war. The rapid growth and limited resources shows a Man Vs Nature stand point.

Seeing the exhibit reminds of some places in my neighborhood. Now i see even the smallest parts are getting houses built in them. Makes me wonder about my future in NY almost everyday now. The rapid increase will increase competition creating lack of opportunity. Opportunities are being made to keep things at at balance but things are getting sacrificed also. The lack of natural resources means that more money will be coming out of tax payers. I also started to look at things differently, even if things reach a balance, how long will it last.

I feel around 2030 alot of things will create a shift in terms or higher class and working class well thats my thought due to the population increase.

Blade Runner Review

Watching the movie i was happy to see some parts of the book come to life. I feel the ending was almost about the same on how the book ended it. I was left a little puzzled but i was less puzzled than when reading the book. The ending of the movie kinda matches up to what i had in mind for the ending of the book where rick and Rachel are the final characters. Some parts of the movie chopped out parts of the book, I did not see rick’s wife iran but then again it did not affect the main theme that badly. I dont know if i am the only one that caught it but in the beginning when the android i believe his name was Leon was getting questioned there was a foreshadowing on the book “do andriods dream of electric sheep” where in the question was the ending of the book if you listen carefully.

I see that they made john a little more intelligent then what i read in the book. It shows that he in involved in the development of the andys by the amount of toys he designed. I did not like how pris was introduced into the line up. The movie makes pris look less intelligent knowing that pris and Rachel are about the same.  Rachel in the movie does appear equivalent to a certain extent on how the book describes. Animal values still remained important in the movie but was not expressed heavily on how it was in the book. There was a twist in plot where rachel kills of an andy where as in the book she was bargaining to kill off her “replicant” Pris.

I caught a line in the movie that helps back up my point in previous post i wrote stating that the androids correlate to the times of slavery in early America. Rachel mentions what if she “goes north” meaning will it promised her more  time to live before she dies. The movie makes Rick a little more aggressive in showing his affection towards Rachel. The owl was often shown in the movie i guess to keep you in tact for the value of animals. Speaking of birds there was a dove released in the hand of roy before he died. I feel that he died in a very awkward way because he had rick beat and rick was going to fall to his death.

To add on i love the high climax before the end which matches the same speed of climax in the book. I feel there were more climactic parts in the movie verses the book. The movie i felt headed straight to the main points.

Last Chapters Do andys dream of electric sheep (16-22)

Reading the last chapters you can say that some events were predictable. To be honest i was very confused at the ending. I started to wonder what is left after all of this. I was not happy by the conclusion but i guess its the message also known as the big picture is what matters. Even the big picture can get a bit distracting also. When all is summarized about the androids you start to realize that androids had the same mission of slaves in the early 1800s which was to escape and get a better life. In a way when rick talks about roy baty in the beginning of chapter 16, i began to think about the ways of nat turner.

I later becomes distracted on who rick really is. In chapter 17 I start to wonder why would he fall for a trap like that if he knew what type of person Rachel was. In a way i respect Rachel in her ways to try to save her others but you can really see that rick had deep emotions for her because he became upset finding out he wasn’t the only bounty hunter. When bring up buster friendly again in chapter 18 it brings up my point that i stated in previous chapters talking about how he is a form of propaganda.

I feel that chapter 19 becomes a big climax in the story it starts to build up at the end of the 2nd paragraph – the 5th. At this point the androids know its their turn to go. With good suspicion placed in becoming anxious and with the andys getting retired and one retaliating killing ricks goat i was feeling that the ending would be where rick’s life gets put on the line.


Do Androids Dream of electric Sheep Ch 6-15

So far into these chapters, things start to get a little tricky because now its becoming questionable if rick is an android because he begins to question himself. He is now starting to follow the path of mercerism which his wife has already been following. I now start to understand her depressed mood and lack of excitement every time rick retires and android. Iran believes that the andy’s deserve the same equality of humans and becomes sad because there only option is to become killed. In an early part of this paragraph i mention mercerism and now i began to understand it, i started to see that mercerism is a religion that tries to unify all humanity through emotion. One example would be where i believe Iran mention a tragedy that happened and she fused with the mercer to feel the pain for that person also. Interfering with mercerism is Buster friendly who is a popular person and for some reason because he doesnt touch on certain rules of mercerism and things in society, it leaves certain people clueless. I can say that Buster represents the definition  of what the media is today. Another way of categorizing him he is the man of propaganda in a way.

I am also getting use to the way the chapters transition between the life of rick and john. When summarizing my ideas i see that even if both characters are at different points in their story line they sort of share similar interactions of andy’s. One point i was confused about was the classification of Rachael and Pris but i believe that they are the same person its just that Rachael is finding more ways to dodge the bounty hunters. One thought that crossed my mind is that i see that androids can copy human emotion to a certain extent and my question is whats the point on putting them out. I see that at a point they can be controlled and used in very harmful way but so far reading the androids are actually living the life of regular humans fulfilling  regular occupations like the opera singer and the police force.

Jumping back to what i said earlier about rick questioning himself, I feel that he has been surrounded by nothing but androids to the point where i relive he might kill himself. He is now starting to develop love emotions from one. I feel hes not far from now trying to live life one and that will lead to his death. This points out why his wife worries for him.

The androids when comparing represent a group/class of people trying to accomplish humanitarian rights. John figures out that the people he offered to live with him are androids but because of his path on mercerism and the following of Buster friendly he does not freak out or try to report them. Majority agree to stay with john but one android is skeptical and just wants to kill him and hide else where. This leads me up to think that if androids can have  thoughts of trust, they are not far from having skills of all humanity and i believe that they should have the right to live on earth. Even ii they see mars as a dangerous place due to its crazy laws of society shows an example of modern immigration today and the struggle immigrants face when trying to live a better life.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 1-5

Understanding the reading i can see that animals have an important value in the reading. In chapter 2 it starts to describe the downfall of actual animals on the planet due to a war that conducted a radiation attack killing off Owls(birds First). By Rick having an electric sheep he feels that he is a joke because he wants a real animal that can produce emotion. Another thing i see that has value is the exam of telling weather one is an android or human.

If im correct from the first chapter, emotions are controlled when dialed. In a way technology shows dominance in controlling what emotion you want set. The reading gives a futuristic view describing new life (Androids) living among humans. In the last chapter it shows that there is a new version (Nexus 6) which is a closer version of reacting like a human. The passage  shows that since earth is slowly rotting there has been a  new colonization on mars.

I can conclude that all people are even governed by the laws set on the new planet. Chapter 1 shows that the character Rick does mostly the work and his wife stays around all day. In a way even though society has  advanced, the way of living sort of back tracked. This new society doesn’t take to kind rebellious  as in Chapter 2 shows what happen to the character john for going against certain laws in bringing animals back to life.

In the reading so far i don’t not see the society on earth lasting due to the amount of radiation that pumps through. In a way i see this as a warning for humans to beware of the use of resources and not tarnish the earth.

The Machine Stops & Metropolis

Reading and Watching both peices I can point out that both give a view on what the future would hold. Both aim to make perfect societies. Perfect societies in controlling all humanity. Both works i can say make a timeline Metropolis would first following  would be the Machine Stops. The metropolis does paint a perfect city but still includes a working class. The city would be perfect for the wealthy. “The Machine Stops” takes a step forward in making all equal.

The Machine Would be classified as Technology merging with religion. If one were to try to bring back regular humanity, like having emotion or the process of thinking differently they would be threatened with “Homelessness” which is a form of death. I called the machine a form of religion because of how the machine portrays a better way of living. I have come to a conclusion that to much of anything is not good no matter how good the purpose is. In society people fight for equlaity and if that wish granted there would be one to be rebellious and throw a lot of things off balance wether in a bad outcome or good. “The Machine stops ” in a way reminds me of “1984” the book and to connect “Big Brother” basically is the “Machine”

In a crazy way in restoring the way humanity should be ,there was a tragedy, a loss of many people. In an odd twist tragedy creates future happiness.