Do Androids Dream of electric Sheep Ch 6-15

So far into these chapters, things start to get a little tricky because now its becoming questionable if rick is an android because he begins to question himself. He is now starting to follow the path of mercerism which his wife has already been following. I now start to understand her depressed mood and lack of excitement every time rick retires and android. Iran believes that the andy’s deserve the same equality of humans and becomes sad because there only option is to become killed. In an early part of this paragraph i mention mercerism and now i began to understand it, i started to see that mercerism is a religion that tries to unify all humanity through emotion. One example would be where i believe Iran mention a tragedy that happened and she fused with the mercer to feel the pain for that person also. Interfering with mercerism is Buster friendly who is a popular person and for some reason because he doesnt touch on certain rules of mercerism and things in society, it leaves certain people clueless. I can say that Buster represents the definitionĀ  of what the media is today. Another way of categorizing him he is the man of propaganda in a way.

I am also getting use to the way the chapters transition between the life of rick and john. When summarizing my ideas i see that even if both characters are at different points in their story line they sort of share similar interactions of andy’s. One point i was confused about was the classification of Rachael and Pris but i believe that they are the same person its just that Rachael is finding more ways to dodge the bounty hunters. One thought that crossed my mind is that i see that androids can copy human emotion to a certain extent and my question is whats the point on putting them out. I see that at a point they can be controlled and used in very harmful way but so far reading the androids are actually living the life of regular humans fulfillingĀ  regular occupations like the opera singer and the police force.

Jumping back to what i said earlier about rick questioning himself, I feel that he has been surrounded by nothing but androids to the point where i relive he might kill himself. He is now starting to develop love emotions from one. I feel hes not far from now trying to live life one and that will lead to his death. This points out why his wife worries for him.

The androids when comparing represent a group/class of people trying to accomplish humanitarian rights. John figures out that the people he offered to live with him are androids but because of his path on mercerism and the following of Buster friendly he does not freak out or try to report them. Majority agree to stay with john but one android is skeptical and just wants to kill him and hide else where. This leads me up to think that if androids can haveĀ  thoughts of trust, they are not far from having skills of all humanity and i believe that they should have the right to live on earth. Even ii they see mars as a dangerous place due to its crazy laws of society shows an example of modern immigration today and the struggle immigrants face when trying to live a better life.

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