The Machine Stops Metropolis

I like my combination of the titles. When I started reading “The Machine Stops” I was very confused on what it was all about but then on page 2 there was a line that spoke to me “The Machine is much, but it is not everything”. I think it somewhat sums up the conflict between the Son Kuno and the mother Vashti and her obsessive addiction to The Machine. She is a slave to it and that fact cannot be even more relateable to what is happening in the real world now. Nowadays with all of the new technology and our smartphones we have become a slave to it, the machine. It does so much for us, like the machine, but we have become so dependent to it and made it a bad habit and isolated ourselves, like Vashti, from social interaction. “The Machine Stops” is an exaggerated example of the negative effects on the dependency of technology but I think we’re on that track.

Watching “Metropolis” was actually fun, the music helped a lot for me. I think a good score can make or break a film, but that is just my opinion but to me it really did give the story an extra spice. I see a similar concept in the sense I can relate the concepts to the real world. Greed of power and control can only lead to the revolt of the oppressed, how many times has that happened in the history of this earth. I can’t stop mentioning the music, I am infatuated with the rescore it really gave it a new layer to the classic film.