Each person’s “products” for Project #2 will look slightly different, depending on what they proposed for this assignment. However, everyone must incorporate a minimum of five secondary sources into their work and write-ups should be 6-8 pages long.

For those people who are doing traditional academic research papers, you will produce a standard paper. Some of you are producing creative works, so your write-ups will also be accompanying them, and will provide researched argument / formal analysis / discussion of them.

In all cases, you should go through a number of drafts of your Write-Up. I am more than happy to provide feedback at multiple stages of your drafting, so if you would like my feedback, schedule appointment(s) to see me during my office hours.

Your final draft should be thoroughly revised, argumentative (you should provide claims, supporting evidence, analysis), well-structured / organized (clear paragraphs, topic sentences, transitions), cited (both in-text citations and a Works Cited page, both in MLA format), and well-crafted at the sentence-level (make sure to edit / proofread your writing).

All Write-Ups should follow expectations set out in for Project #1 and Projects: Formatting, Guidelines, and Submission, and must be accompanied by a Works Cited page. Use MLA style for the Works Cited and also your in-text citations. Remember that as a City Tech student you have access to EasyBib for citation, if you chose to use it. You should also consult the Writing Resources on our course site. And, of course, you have already done a lot of these citations from your annotated bibliography, so if they are already correct, you can cut/paste from there.