What’s up

My name is Zechariah Philippe. My major is Entertainment Technology. I have a bunch of hobbies that can go from photography, beat production, writing poetry and video editing. I desire being a hard worker, traveling and being up for new experiences. Not to long ago i finished part 1 of an internship i was a part of in the summer. At the internship we worked on this project called “Ghettos2Galleries”, Ghettos2Galleries is about the rise of street art and graffiti from back alleys and train cars, into galleries and museums around the world.

Over the winter break I have been completing the training process for joining Sigma Alpha pi for the citytech chapter. I also have been attending executive board meetings for sigma alpha pi because of my new position. I am now the student president of the citytech chapter. For the summer break I aim to reach new experiences and also take part in new internships


One weakness that I face is that I can come up with alot of ideas and in a way have it all planned but when it comes time to type or write it down, it becomes a problem on how to begin and i end up looking like i never had any ideas at all on the topic. What i mostly enjoy about writing is when all is done and i get to go over it ,practice and make improvements. I am also a fan of feedback because it gives me an idea of what i need to work on.

I have no experience using open lab this is the first time i ever herd of it this semester. I have a feeling that i will become better at using it because i have another class that’s also functioning on open lab. My view on science fiction is basically exploring futuristic thoughts. Technology is advancing and science is basically a form of factual documentation of how alot of things come together in many forms. I feel that authors add a twist to it showing an imaginary outcome but at the same time it looks believable because of the science background. Science fiction i feel is for those who want to explore the unknown, also are into a little weirdness and adventure.

I think that every man signed up for this course because of the interest of exploring and having an interest of weird things. I feel that  most woman are kept away from this type of this environment. The professor of the course decided to be different from most woman and explored a field where you might not find other women in. I am taking this course because it fits with my schedule and it is also required. I actually thought the number of people in this course would be less than i expected. Reason i say that is because when enrolling, this class became very hard to find.

I cant remember alot from my encounters with science fiction but i remember being a fan of animorphs and star wars. With this course i expect to visit a part of my past and see what drew me to science fiction. I also hope to be a better reader and writer.