Checking Out MOMA (POP Overload) BOOM

Going to moma felt refreshing because i got to step out the zone when it comes to travel routes and i enjoyed the city. I have plans of returning again when the weather get warmer. The exhibit i felt connected very little to the stories we read. I felt a connection as in the exhibit paints a background story on what creates a war. The rapid growth and limited resources shows a Man Vs Nature stand point.

Seeing the exhibit reminds of some places in my neighborhood. Now i see even the smallest parts are getting houses built in them. Makes me wonder about my future in NY almost everyday now. The rapid increase will increase competition creating lack of opportunity. Opportunities are being made to keep things at at balance but things are getting sacrificed also. The lack of natural resources means that more money will be coming out of tax payers. I also started to look at things differently, even if things reach a balance, how long will it last.

I feel around 2030 alot of things will create a shift in terms or higher class and working class well thats my thought due to the population increase.

3 thoughts on “Checking Out MOMA (POP Overload) BOOM

  1. Its funny you mention the changes in the neighborhoods, i was reading in the paper this afternoon that most New Yorkers are now paying about 60% of their income just to live here. It is a bit mind numbing to think that the city is STILL growing.

  2. Like you, it also made me think of how NYC is gonna look like in 20 to 30 years. I think there was a stat that New York has like 3 times the open space than they do homeless people. That’s crazy cause all that wasted space could solve homelessness like that. I also thought it had very little to do with the stuff we read in class other than maybe the fact that everybody is confined to tiny spaces cause we got too many people in one city like the Machine Stops, like the little cells. But thats pretty much it.

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