Project 2 Proposal

For project #2 I was thinking about doing my own sci-fi story. In my story i was thinking about teaching a lesson like the bradbury story. For my research i was going to look up an issue that’s currently affecting us that way readers can relate. I have sort of an idea of what issue i want to tackle. I was inspired by 2 things that were covered this sememster.

One thing was the moma exhinbit, The moma exhibit gave me an idea on whats going on with society population wise. The Bradbury story showed me the advancement of technology. With my story i will try to incorporate the style of the authors with my own twist on it.


One thought on “Project 2 Proposal

  1. Zac, I like this idea, but it is still a bit underdeveloped here. Can you flesh our your proposal a bit, focusing to what “issue” your story will focus on and what (specific) research will be involved? What will your write-up include (remember, the Cover Letter will be the reflection aspect, so your write-up should involve some research/analysis/argumentation)?

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