The Rise of Aquatopians

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We live in a world full of issues. There are many ways of getting your source of news. If it’s not the Media, then other sources like the newspaper or online articles. Reading the news can be a simple task but do you understand the message of what’s really going on. It can take a source of entertainment for you to grasp the meaning of what is recalling going on with our world. For the creative project a short story was created giving off a setting of New York in the future.

Elements like comedy, tragedy and informing are included. The short story can also be looked at as a sign of persuasion to better the environment. Environmental science fiction can be described a news outlet with an imaginary twist. It can be described as a news outlet as it serves as a reminder of what’s going on in a particular environment. As for this short story, New York City is the environment focused on.

Environmental issues like Water pollution, Population, Cost of living, and class. Cost of living and Class can be looked at as an economic issue but it can be seen as environmental if majority of society faces these issues. The environment of New York City can be viewed as a place of greed. Cost of living is on a steady increase creating more obstacles for the working class. The working classes are simply trying to elevate their class status but it becomes a challenge to manage a budget. Environmental Science fiction opens up a bunch of predictions having thoughts of different outcomes. In a way it can be called a mystery.

Have you ever asked your self, well if the upper class has a good income what is causing the delay on having these issues fixed? By having these issues fix does it create less profit for their partners in the same bracket? Can it just be the fact that the well amount of income is causing them to loose site of change that is needed? Change starts with the power of one. If you believe and have faith in your process to accomplish this change, it can happen.

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