The Machine Stops & Metropolis

Reading and Watching both peices I can point out that both give a view on what the future would hold. Both aim to make perfect societies. Perfect societies in controlling all humanity. Both works i can say make a timeline Metropolis would first following  would be the Machine Stops. The metropolis does paint a perfect city but still includes a working class. The city would be perfect for the wealthy. “The Machine Stops” takes a step forward in making all equal.

The Machine Would be classified as Technology merging with religion. If one were to try to bring back regular humanity, like having emotion or the process of thinking differently they would be threatened with “Homelessness” which is a form of death. I called the machine a form of religion because of how the machine portrays a better way of living. I have come to a conclusion that to much of anything is not good no matter how good the purpose is. In society people fight for equlaity and if that wish granted there would be one to be rebellious and throw a lot of things off balance wether in a bad outcome or good. “The Machine stops ” in a way reminds me of “1984” the book and to connect “Big Brother” basically is the “Machine”

In a crazy way in restoring the way humanity should be ,there was a tragedy, a loss of many people. In an odd twist tragedy creates future happiness.


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