Blade Runner Review

Watching the movie i was happy to see some parts of the book come to life. I feel the ending was almost about the same on how the book ended it. I was left a little puzzled but i was less puzzled than when reading the book. The ending of the movie kinda matches up to what i had in mind for the ending of the book where rick and Rachel are the final characters. Some parts of the movie chopped out parts of the book, I did not see rick’s wife iran but then again it did not affect the main theme that badly. I dont know if i am the only one that caught it but in the beginning when the android i believe his name was Leon was getting questioned there was a foreshadowing on the book “do andriods dream of electric sheep” where in the question was the ending of the book if you listen carefully.

I see that they made john a little more intelligent then what i read in the book. It shows that he in involved in the development of the andys by the amount of toys he designed. I did not like how pris was introduced into the line up. The movie makes pris look less intelligent knowing that pris and Rachel are about the same.  Rachel in the movie does appear equivalent to a certain extent on how the book describes. Animal values still remained important in the movie but was not expressed heavily on how it was in the book. There was a twist in plot where rachel kills of an andy where as in the book she was bargaining to kill off her “replicant” Pris.

I caught a line in the movie that helps back up my point in previous post i wrote stating that the androids correlate to the times of slavery in early America. Rachel mentions what if she “goes north” meaning will it promised her more  time to live before she dies. The movie makes Rick a little more aggressive in showing his affection towards Rachel. The owl was often shown in the movie i guess to keep you in tact for the value of animals. Speaking of birds there was a dove released in the hand of roy before he died. I feel that he died in a very awkward way because he had rick beat and rick was going to fall to his death.

To add on i love the high climax before the end which matches the same speed of climax in the book. I feel there were more climactic parts in the movie verses the book. The movie i felt headed straight to the main points.

3 thoughts on “Blade Runner Review

  1. Ricks day was way easier going in the movie than in the book, Rachael loves him now?? NO, I think there needed to be that part of the book where Rachael tries to kill Rick

  2. It weird I actually think the decided to erase the fact that Pris and Rachael are the same model instead they turn her into a crazy thigh choking woman

  3. CHUN LI was the driving force behind that movie. but seriosuly that scene, however awesome it was was really stupid, like it was just there to entertain an 1980s audience that hadnt heard of Phil Dick before, but of course had played street fighter, like if they were to remake that scene it should have been more sublte and darker, but whatever, im not Mr. Hollywood.

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