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Statistics NYC



This was probably my third time coming to MoMA. All the times going were because it was required for school, but after this exhibit visit I might actually go again for fun. Not only did I just visit this exhibit but I checked out the entered building pretty much. There’s so much history and cool things to view. Especially on the 6th floor where they had a bunch of cool paintings!

As far as this exhibit, it was was very interesting. This specific exhibit is something that EVERYONE should see. It should be free for everyone because this can grow on to be a huge issue for the WORLD not just New York. Over population is extremely important to know about. As soon as you walk in, you see the population of the popular areas such as New York, Asia, Africa, etc. It’s pretty mind blowing to know that there are so many people on this earth and it’s only going to grow. New York has a bit more then 7 million people! If I’m not mistaken, it stated that by 2030 New York’s population is going to increase by 3 million and that just means more land and resources need to be used. That can lead to a bunch of more problems that already exist, like more pollution, price increases, and more homeless people.

On the other side, they actually had a video that was playing talking about the rent increasing, the miscommunication between the landlords and the city, lack of shelters and more. There was one statistic that really stood out to me and that was that 1 out of 4 children in New York live in poverty. That is just so sad. I’m blessed to say that I wasn’t one of those kids but I just feel for those kids. Who want’s to live like that? It isn’t fun. One other statistic that also stood out to me was that there are 389,100 millionaires out of 7 mil in New  York. If you do the math, that is approximately 18.5 % of New Yorkers are millionaires. That’s a pretty large number! Makes me think of the quote, “If you can make it here, you can make it any where.”

Like what Surge mentioned in his post about this, I honestly don’t know what this exhibit has to do with the material we’ve been working with so far in class. I guess you can say it has a bit to do with how crowded and over populated Bladerunner was by what we saw. It definitely isn’t similar to The Machine Stops because it doesn’t talk about a machine that we basically worship. Plus, in The Machine Stops every one is isolated. That’s not the case in this exhibit. Also, in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep there’s a bounty hunter, a bunch of androids and a religion. That is no where to be seen in this exhibit. As for relating this visit to our works, I can’t really see too much of a connection other then Bladerunner. Nonetheless, this was a very fun and interesting visit and I encourage everyone to visit it!




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  1. Yes, exactly, this should be something everyone should see. It’s is just so upsetting knowing that people have to pay to see this information.
    And thanks for the mention, haha.

  2. Yeah another crazy thing was how much wasted space there is in NYC that could go to those people in shelters. I live in the South Bronx and there’s empty lots and unused space everywhere. I thought it was cool how designers made an artists rendering of what future cities would look like with the solar panels and all that stuff, wish they would’ve done that for NYC.

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