Connie is not the Only Crazy One Ive lost My Mind also

Well to start off this book has taken me a long time to get into and i fell behind a couple post because this book does take a chunk out my schedule filled with other classes. First semester trying a writing intensive course and i suck at it. I feel that if this was the only class i was taking this semester maybe i would be more alive.  I chose science fiction to wake up a younger side of me that was interested in it guess i should’ve left that side alone. Well before i slam this book 100 times against my head lets get into some things that sort of grabbed me along the way.

pg 238 (piercy) ” I was born in 1938. You want to see my welfare ID?” Actually, of course, she didnt have it; it was back at the hospital What eye-dee? What you show-a card so they know who you are but eveybodys’s implanted” Reading that made me feel like that as of now we are not far from that happening where there’s a new source of control happening from the government.  On the same page until the next page theres  a sex contract mentioned which made me think about how marriage now will soon loose its affect on society today. To go on symbolism of class is brought up when discussing the “Richies” who live longer. On page 290 it makes me reflect on the prices that inflate on goods in the market. Soon all the fruits and vegatables that we were so easy to purchase will be come a myth.. Like whole foods the market on steroids.

Looking further  into the chapters you start to see the future illustrated with a touch of the past. There are a couple of Points that make you think about the power of control. I looked at chapter 20 which was basically the whole story line aka the background info on a connie and to realize like it was predicted that it was all in her head. Overall i am confused about this book in many ways but get certain points/ symbols that were made.

rate it 3.2/5  At one point i was into the book then i just wanted to throw the book some where. Hearing that this is the “last post” of the semester. Well I have mixed emotions about this book.

Thought of this song reading this book


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