She Tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesnt even matter!

Final blog post, what what. and the conclusion to this little mind bender of a novel. It ended the way i didnt want it to. Sooooo all the talk about her being a hero of the future kinda fell apart when it was clear that everything that was happening in the future was based on things that happened to connie in her present, The Doctor and the future “redding” (328) and then she declares war on the docotors (p330), she seems to be out of it while she sees the future, so that right there supports the “theres no real future” theory. another thing that i thought was weird (well not really just because it contradicts with what i want to happen, and what is really happening) is that she declared war on the doctors (p 330) (there was alot that happened in chapter 17), now thats all fine and dandy, i mean i would to if i was being subject to horrifying experiments and my friends that were subjected to the same experiments were dying as a result, thats cool, what isnt cool is that as a result of these experiments Connie is now officially labeled (by the book) as a crazy person (sigh) and more importantly a murderer cause she did poison a dude, and waited for the law to come find her, thats something the joker would do, she just didnt care at that point. the reason i dont like this is that now shes never gonna get out, her life will stay what it is, and shell probably die in the system, which is bullshit. she started off as a beacon of hope during a time that was covered in darkness (and the the firenation attacked) she made it seem that she was the hero that the future needed, and she would defy all the obstacles in her path (being in asylum)and get on top and rise up. but nope, she kind rolled over and said meh. so im kinda pissed/disappointed/taken back. maybe im just still reading into the whole future deal too hard, but i really wanted her to connect with Luciente and go back with him and have a life in the future, but no, she stays in the 70s. i dont know, i would have done it differently i guess. dont get me wrong it was a great read though, with a strong female lead, it was an interesting ride, just ended wrong for me, maybe i should reread this badboy and see if i missed anything. i just hope everyone else took it for what its worth, a good read, and didnt hold onto the fact that its a feminist take on the world,cause thats what i feel gives it weight. the struggle of a woman both ohysically and internally make for a good story, but throw time travel, schizophrenia and some messed up doctors and you got yourself a pretty badass book with a crazy heroine.

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