Soft Rains (aka Memory lane)

Its a blast from the past

When i first started English in college the 2nd part of it, The class spent a quarter of the semester covering this book. First time i read it i was scared like wondering is this was the future of technology. Re-Reading this my ideas pretty much stayed the same on what i think this passage is trying to cover. I took an approach where i observed a Man Vs Nature approach. In the passage You can see that nature still out does technology. No matter how advance technology may become there will be a flaw that can be costly. I also stated that this passage is also a prediction because now we have house alarms that talk, and it reminds me of the house talking stating the time. I do believe that we are not far from this type of advancement where the house will be able to do almost all features.

In a way technology is to fulfill out needs but we can not count on technology as perfections. They may be able to act quickly but i see it as a train of thought. One example is when your on your way to a place  of work, after the first few times you get the hang of address but the common thing at a point would be to use our cell phone in the same matter of those times which makes you more dependent of it which cases a slow take over of your mind.

Another thing that crossed my mind reading this again was a connection to the MoMa Exhibit, One question i ask is , Do you think houses like this will be made to control population.  Increase of population is causing a certain amount of problems and the house does kill off everyone and self destruct/or should i say set its self on fire.  idk, thats just a thought that crossed my mind.

This passage did teach me to appreciate nature more and also try to do the simple things using my head first before  being dependent on technology

Think about it

if some one were to ask us whats 9X8

i bet we would all be quick to whip out a calculator because the feeling of being lazy can be relaxing but it hurts us in the end, because what if one day your ask that question and the calculator is mal functions. Slowly we are starting to loose the primary way we were taught things. There is nothing wrong with improvement but it doesn’t mean to be lazy


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