Revised Proposal

As I revised my proposal, I have now decided to focus on the emergence and evolution of both electronic and popular music through the lens of science fiction, and the bi-lateral nature of the relationship between the two. I will analyze 2 films and 2 albums that have been influential in pop culture. What I will then do is explain the soundtracks and musical elements of the 4 pieces, and then explain how science fiction has played a role in the exploration and evolution of musical soundscapes and ideas. What is important to understand is not only how electronic music has influenced the science fiction genre, but how the ideals and themes of the sci-fi genre has had an impact on the exploration and evolution of electronic music that we have seen in popular music.

Here are a list of some articles and sources that I will be referencing in my paper.

Electronic Music in Early Science Fiction

Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media: A Critical Overview by by Graeme Harper

Revision of proposal.

After doing so searching i decided to focus on technology Within the steam punk sub genre. I would like to explore why is the idea of not exploring more new advances technologies and instead advancing the already current technology. These involve the use of steam for devices. Continuing with advancing analog devices and automatons robots.I also would like to question the idea of sticking to these technologies yet still able to create futuristic technologies like robots and rayguns. At what point would the advancement be be considered non canon to this universe. What exactly are the guidelines.

I would also like to discus the origins of steam punk.. I think its also worthy of noting how even though the technology shaped the depiction of steam punk it does not play an important role in the stories.

Then i would also like to explore the art of taking modern technologies that exist in the real word and recreating them as if they existed in this universe.

In a quick summary i guess you would say i would like to talk about these cool gadgets in steam punk and how it came about and its origins.

Aarons Abstract

Believe it or not, it is a proven fact that Science Fiction has played a HUGE role in┬ámost of the everyday goods that are present to us. Despite how much we take these things for granted, motivation and determination both come from the inspiration of something. Besides the theory of the big bang theory, nothing just invents itself. We see things that some of us consider to be possible to make but impossible to others. Something inside of us gives us the strength, the will and the confidence to create something innovative. The world is constantly changing as we speak when it comes to new things being invented. Just look at how the world was in 1995 compared to now. Feels like we live in the future. That phone you got in your pocket, inspired by science fiction. The taser’s that our cops are using whether its necessary or not, inspired by science fiction. That’s just some of them.

There have been a bunch of sources, where these geniuses have got there inspiration from. Some of these people got them from books, movies, tv shows and some just from what they see with their own eyes.┬áThe creators of these inventions were all brave enough to try, to accept failure over and over and not afraid to think outside the box. All of these inventions have had a huge affect on our society as a whole. Many people now of days can’t even imagine a world without the internet or their phones. Well, there was a time where people┬ádidn’t have ANY of that. A lot of people say that these inventions have made the world smaller, some say otherwise. Whether or not they’re opinions are valid, it still had an affect on the society. ┬áThere are a bunch of inventions that were inspired by science fiction, not just the internet and phones. ┬áSo there fore, this project will show you the Top 5 Most Cutting Edge/Handy Inventions inspired by Science Fiction AND it’s affect on the world!

Proposal -Project 2

For Project 2 I have decided I will design my very own Utopian city. My research will include past Utopian city designs and how they would theoretically work if created. My design would be a combination of what I found in my research and ideals that I find important to have in a Utopian City.


For as long as science fiction has existed, there has been thousands of different innovations and cool gadgets that have been shown to us. There have been a bunch of ones that if we would’ve saw them in the movie theater hundreds of years ago, we would have been like “Imagine that in real life!” or, “Pshhh, that would probably never happen.” A lot of those gadgets that we saw in those films or read in those books, actually came to life today.

I would sit here and say that we actually live in the future with all this technology that we haveÔÇŽ but they said that 20 years ago. Who knows, maybe in 20 years ago we’d be laughing at iPhones or any other technology that we use today. The future is never ending, but I will talk about all the inventions that have been inspired by science fiction and how it has affected society.



so i had an idea.
a history of science fiction throughout the gaming industry. science fiction has a huge genre base in gaming and has spawned many different franchises and cultural hits.

how has science fiction as a genre influenced and shaped the gaming industry as it is today? from basic 8 bit games such as asteroid, the the engine based games of today such as destiny, video games were made for science fiction. what i would like to look at in my presentation and paper, is how in the history of gaming has society been influenced, and the cultural backlash that many games have had on it. what is considered science fiction as a genre in gaming, seeing as there are many SF themes in many games. how has SF grown and changed in gaming meaning what has gaming changed for SF. what sort of advancements have been made as a result of a demand SF genre games.

i would like to find out how Science fiction has redefined gaming over the years. how it has affected the gaming and regular community, and why people love it so and still demand it. i want to answer these questions as best i can and find out for myself the impact SF has had on my games. this is something that hits close to home for me.


I BARELY have any ideas yet on what I want to do for this project, and it’s bothering the HELL out of me. I just can’t seem to think of┬áthe right thing .. Any one have any topics or suggestions I can lead on too? Other then just “science fiction” haha.

Proposal Revised

Being in Entertainment Technology, and having a lot of interest in sound design, I want to create sections of audio or score that essentially targets key emotions or moods that we usually see in science fiction (romance is probably not going to be included). These moods or emotions will be Amazement (e.g. seeing a whole new world), Tranquility (e.g. a utopia), Sadness (e.g. losing something), and Anger. For each set of moods will be a video or picture (that is science fiction) and the audio will be used to amplify what the video is trying to generate in the audience. There is one problem, and it’s me. When making audio, I want to be perfect. That being said, if it does not come out the way it is in my head, I’ll probably scrap it and snip out audio from scifi movies, shows, games, etc.

Knowing that this is a science fiction course, in my paper I want to define that link between music and modern science fiction and how it alters someone’s perception of a scifi work of art. If not define it, then narrow it down at least. Along with this will be the details of what we go through when we analyze what we see. We try to become the character and all that he/she is feeling is available to us. Through that interpretation, we create the score out of what we’ve learned through the mind of the character. This process will also thoroughly explained in my paper along with some research of what goes through the mind of some famous science fiction composers of our time.

Proposal draft 2, 4/26/15

After extensive thought i have decided to do my project 2 on lighting because i actually hope to work on a film set one day working with lighting . To be more specific im going to be researching lighting in certain science fiction films. I feel like lighting is such an important part of film and most people don’t realize how important it really is. Lighting is what sets the tone for a scene or most of the time the overall tone of the film.

with that being said let me explain some of the things im going to research and focus on with this project. I have chosen three science fiction movies i will look at and they are Star wars (Maybe just a New Hope, but i feel like its going to be the original trilogy), Alien (just the first one) and 2001 a space odyssey. I’m going to look at the overall tone of these films based on lighting and what that says about them and then compare them. Also im going to look at certain scenes from the films and look at the tone of those as well, but im also going to look at if the lighting based on a certain scenes symbolizes something or has a certain theme to it. I’m going to be looking for similar lighting and themes in these films and also contrast as well and try to find out why they might be similar or different. This is basically what i will be doing for project 2, i hope everyone understands where im going with this and hopefully some what interested, i can’t wait to present my findings.

So i have already started looking for some research on my topic so im going to include some of the links i found. One im going to use an article that explains lighting in film and why its so important. I’m also looking in to the gaffers and Director of photography on these films to possibly compare there lighting in these films to other ones they have done. Two of the films im using spark notes to look at themes and symbolism and then look at how that looked on screen. I have also found some articles on what certain lighting means in those films and for some why that kind of lighting was used. I’m hoping to learn in my research, is there a similarity in lighting in sci fi films and what that means and why they are similar. I’m also looking at it the same way with differences, but i think im also hoping to find more of meanings behind how certain scenes were lit and how that affected the overall tone.

here are the links i have started looking at

Proposal Project 2

For My project #2 assignment I want to do a study on two sub genres of Science fiction which are Steampunk and Cyberpunk. Although to separate genres in their own aspects they are still easily mixed up and qualified as a whole. So what I majorly would like to do is a survey where I go around City Tech and ask students which they prefer; Steampunk, Cyberpunk, or have no idea what either are. I wanna begin by seeing the preference (or lack of preference) that the student that attend city tech has. My final Hand in survey result will be designed.

I would like to do a piece that shows the difference of both genres. I specifically would do research on the key differences between the two and dray out a poster board sized art piece where both genres would collide. Finally I would hand in a Power point presentation that helps break down the 2 and also explains sub classes with the 2 genres that some may have never heard of such as Dieselpunk.

So in the Long run a Designed student survey, A poster board sized art piece, and a PowerPoint presentation.