Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 1-5

Understanding the reading i can see that animals have an important value in the reading. In chapter 2 it starts to describe the downfall of actual animals on the planet due to a war that conducted a radiation attack killing off Owls(birds First). By Rick having an electric sheep he feels that he is a joke because he wants a real animal that can produce emotion. Another thing i see that has value is the exam of telling weather one is an android or human.

If im correct from the first chapter, emotions are controlled when dialed. In a way technology shows dominance in controlling what emotion you want set. The reading gives a futuristic view describing new life (Androids) living among humans. In the last chapter it shows that there is a new version (Nexus 6) which is a closer version of reacting like a human. The passage  shows that since earth is slowly rotting there has been a  new colonization on mars.

I can conclude that all people are even governed by the laws set on the new planet. Chapter 1 shows that the character Rick does mostly the work and his wife stays around all day. In a way even though society has  advanced, the way of living sort of back tracked. This new society doesn’t take to kind rebellious  as in Chapter 2 shows what happen to the character john for going against certain laws in bringing animals back to life.

In the reading so far i don’t not see the society on earth lasting due to the amount of radiation that pumps through. In a way i see this as a warning for humans to beware of the use of resources and not tarnish the earth.

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