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photoshop gone too far?

we all know that celebrities and models get photoshopped into magazines. how do you think that affects us as a society and also towards the younger generations. i feel that when young adults and teenagers see these photoshopped women, they … Continue reading

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ways of the wind

do u know how beautiful the wind can be? have you ever just stopped and stared at what the wind blows and think.. wow. here in a link where we can see what the wind is really made of. here … Continue reading

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Living in Megacities

Photographer Martin Roemers is traveling around the world and document individuals and area in mega-cities. An mega-city is an highly populated area metropolitan area such as Tokyo and New York City. Roemers wants to know how can people live in … Continue reading

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The Dirty Tricks of Food Photographers

Who have not seen those ADS of famous restaurants presenting delicious mouthwatering food along with some desserts that you can’t resist to? Maybe you are one of those who own a cookbook filled with pictures of the food recipes inside … Continue reading

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New Zealand native Chris McLennan has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Developing stunning images for his numerous international clients; ranging from, travel, culture, landscapes, adventure, wildlife, hotel & resort, spa and food. Skipping across time zones hopping … Continue reading

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Third Life

“Third Life” was a monograph created by Norbert Schoerner which was a photo diary of the place he traveled. He explained that it took him a while to pick the right photographs for his monograph and that he had to … Continue reading

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“The Value of a Dollar” by Blaustein

Photographs can change our perspective about things. Sometimes, it motivates us to go forward or to stay back from some things, places and people. Jonathan Blaustein is a cooked-turned- photographer who is working in a photography project called “the Value … Continue reading

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Landscape Photography

Steve S. Meyer’ stated that his desire to become a photographer started very early in his life. He found inspiration, love and passion for photography from his family members (grandfather, father and uncle) and also from the place he was … Continue reading

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“The Biodiversity Project” by Joel Sartore

It’s very interesting to read articles about photographers who are focused on the nature and everything surrounded it because they make every part of Gods’ creation a piece of art by showing us in details all the things that we … Continue reading

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An Aspiring Photographer’s Outlook

An acquittance and close friend Alberto Vargas an aspiring photographer takes the photography world by storm. At only 19 years of age Alberto Vargas  has exhibited photos in Lower Manhattan galleries and traveled the world on photo shoots with commercial … Continue reading

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