Landscape Photography

Steve S. Meyer’ stated that his desire to become a photographer started very early in his life. He found inspiration, love and passion for photography from his family members (grandfather, father and uncle) and also from the place he was raised (near Baraboo Hills). He grew up looking at beautiful landscapes and therefore he was influenced by them. His photographs were in fact, breathtaking. His job on each of these landscapes photographs was impressive. Some of Meyer’s work reminded me in some way of “Pictorialism” one part looked sharper than the others. I think he did a great job with the contrast of the color, some even looked like painting. Enjoy Meyer’s work!

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4 Responses to Landscape Photography

  1. mohsensoofi says:

    i really like his pictures, Landscape photography always get the viewer’s attention specially when it comes from a professional photographer . great exposure, shutter speed and depth of field.

    • Jian Huang says:

      i agree with you, he did a really great job taking these landscape photos. I love how the contrast plays a huge roll in his photos, the photos looks so astonishing its almost like if they were computer generated. I guess time plays a huge roll in his photos, because sunlight also adds a lot of color to his photos, and the photo with the cranes.

  2. Romaine says:

    I always enjoy looking at landscape photography, especially ones relating to nature. I think Steve Meyers has a very nice collection of work that truly inspires.

  3. Alexis Y says:

    I’m always quite fascinated with seeing landscape photography. When I see landscape photography I always wonder how much a photographer has to go through to take that shot. Steves Meyer photos on landscape are beautifully taken, I love one of the photos were tree by the lake, reflects on the water and the one which was taken in the winter, where everything is covered in white and you would see these red orange leaves spring out, creating a beautiful effect. The color of the leaves, really draw you attention to it, seeing that it is the only object that actually has color to it and the color red is such a strong color, that you can’t help but draw you attention to it.

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