“The Value of a Dollar” by Blaustein

Photographs can change our perspective about things. Sometimes, it motivates us to go forward or to stay back from some things, places and people. Jonathan Blaustein is a cooked-turned- photographer who is working in a photography project called “the Value of a Dollar” in where he emphasizes the food that we can get in our community for a dollar. He takes photographs of different types of products that we consider “food” and which we consume frequently with the purpose of showing us the differences between their real appearances versus their advertisement appearances.
What impressed me about this article is the message behind it. This photographer wants us to realize that healthier food cannot be bought for a dollar, but the food that kills us, yes! Also, most of the fast food restaurant such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC and so on use photography to enhance their products just to attract us to go and make money from us! Do you think that they care about our health? …


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  1. Carmen K. Ma says:

    (haha I laughed when I saw the two photos of the two burgers.) It is true how advertisement make the product that they are selling more appealing that how they really look like. Isnt that the purpose tho! We want to attracts people to use/buy the products!

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