Understanding the perks of Digital Photography

Although the digital world seems to be taking over, there are still people who are have little understanding of how to take great pictures using a digital camera. Not everyone would take a photography class to have that knowledge. Here in this link , David Pogue was helping a man cursing at his camera, because he was frustrated the fact that he was not getting the right shots on his camera. Here talks of suggestions of how to create great picks and knowledge on cameras that can give you great pictures. To help other people that maybe like the man cursing at his camera.



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3 Responses to Understanding the perks of Digital Photography

  1. moley says:

    I recently inherited a an older Nikon film camera and am working on how to take better macro shots. I am always on the look out of information online and in print on how to take better pictures.

    I find my biggest problem is not having the steadiest of hands, and as such it usually takes me 3 or 4 pictures till I get one that looks halfway decent. I enjoyed this little blog post, learned a few things to keep in mind next time I go shooting.

    • Sandra Cheng says:

      Seth, 3-4 shots to get the ‘right’ photo is the standard ratio so don’t knock yourself. Try opening your aperture up, increase your speed, though this reduce your depth-of-field. You might also want to try a tripod.

  2. vera says:

    It’s never a good feeling to miss a photo opportunity because you were fiddling with your camera’s settings, trying to get that perfect shot. Even more frustrating are those times when you need to adjust the camera for a specific situation, and you’re not sure what to do. The ten suggestions listed there will help the beginners grab better photos, even if you don’t have time to take a photography course or memorize a user manual.

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