SB Assignment # 14

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H&M Advertisements

The H&M clothing company has recently put up an ad for their new season’s bikinis.¬† The model was an extremely tanned woman.¬† Some of the public related this to the New Jersey mother who constantly tanned.¬† From what I think, the H&M ad could have been Photoshopped for the dark appearance of the model.¬† The ad did not necessarily promote tanning, especially fake tanning.¬† Perhaps the ad was trying to find a nice contrast color to the bright pink bikini that they were trying to sell to the public?¬† I understand that the public is concerned about people getting skin cancer from tanning too much, but they cannot use one slip up and tell everybody else to not tan.¬† I believe it’s unrealistic.¬† What do you think?


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Bringing back instant films

During this course, we have discussed how photography came to be, and it seems that photography is extremely advanced now. Some may argue that it is too advanced. With all the new technology, photographs may be altered into completely different things. What ever happened to preserving the moment by taking a photo?

It seems as if the old schooled Fujifilm Instant Film cameras are being relived. I love the concept of those cameras because it is one of a kind. The fact that only ONE photo is printed out of the camera creates a sentimetal feeling. There is no screen for anybody to see how well they have posed or if everybody in the shot was ready or not. The wait for the colors to come through is also a fun aspect to instant films. You can see with your very eyes how the image reveals itself. It is, however, pricey to purchase the films. If you are interested in learning more about these instant films, visit the link below:

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As I sat after class with Carlos talking about the difficulty we both thought the class and I began to think about the various image sites I use to host pictures online, it occurred to me that yes Facebook is now the single largest image repository in the world. It grows exponentially each day.

I use Imgur, flickr. picassa. heck I probably have old accounts to various defunct hosts though out the years. Would not it be grand to have single location of images with easy to navigate menus and linking options.

What do you use to host your photos do you even have a Facebook account?

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Understanding the perks of Digital Photography

Although the digital world seems to be taking over, there are still people who are have little understanding of how to take great pictures using a digital camera. Not everyone would take a photography class to have that knowledge. Here in this link , David Pogue was helping a man cursing at his camera, because he was frustrated the fact that he was not getting the right shots on his camera. Here talks of suggestions of how to create great picks and knowledge on cameras that can give you great pictures. To help other people that maybe like the man cursing at his camera.

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Cute Photography

Jason Lee’s mother is diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, so he was not able to bring his daughters to visit her, as they were often sick as well.¬† Originally a wedding photographer, he started to take photographs of his daughters so his mother was able to see how they were.¬† His photographs are extremely cute!¬† Some photographs were staged in a way that I did not see how it was possible.¬† For example, one of his daughters was duct taped on the wall.¬† Yes. TAPED!¬† You may want to see these photographs for yourself, but I must warn you that there may be a cuteness overload.

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NoH8 Campaign

Photography is extremely useful when it comes to advertisement and campaigning.¬† An example may be the NoH8 Campaign.¬† It’s object is to protest against California Proposition 8.¬† The purpose of the campaign is to support same-sex marriage and relationships.¬† This campaign was created in 2009 by photographer, Adam Bouska, and Jeff Parshley.¬† I was not aware of this campaign until my friend pointed it out to me that they were having a photoshoot.¬† Anybody can participate in the campaign by having their photograph taken with a piece of tape across their mouth.¬†¬†¬† I find that the tape is a brilliant prop.¬† No words = no opinion = NoH8.¬† For more information, please visit the NoH8 Campaign website.


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High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)

HDR is a number of images, taken at different exposures that when combined in software, contain an entire dynamic range of the scene, elements from the extreme shadows to the extreme highlights. This new concept of photography makes me think of Composite Photographs, I think the same technique is used for both concepts, but some additions or improvements are being used. In HDR photography they digitally play with the lighting and the results are extreme highlight or extreme shadows. They say that if an HDR image is shot and processed right it will give you detail in a much larger dynamic range than a normal photograph can present.

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NYIP Photo Blog is Now Live

For all those photography lovers out there I recommend this new blog, which purpose is to help and guide new photographers that are just starting out in their carrier. They offer guidance on how much you should charge a client for a certain job, inspirational videos, and they also show you the most recent camera trends. The owner and operator of this blog is Chris Corradino said that he understands the challenges these photographers have to face and he believes that with the proper guidance these challenges can become new opportunities.

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I-phoneography, is it photography or art in its own form?

I-phoneography is it photography or art in its own form? Can it or will be, that is the question. It is very difficult to say but, now through the digital¬†age¬†of¬†photography, it has been much easier to develop and manipulate photos. With an i-phone images can deem just¬†alike to¬† images taken with a professional camera..with the assistance of countless enhancements¬†called apps,¬†in where¬†over 20,000 can be¬†found in the store specifically for photos. In my opinion, “A photo is worth a thousand words” doesn’t matter what was the source of its production; but, I consider images taken with an I-phone is to be set more of casual rather than, along the lines of professional images. In the end, ART is any form of self-expression and with an I-phone it can create just that and make calls, thats a plus!

Check it out @

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