Skateboarding into Photography

“Gonz & Crankers” – Giovanni Reda

Much people never figure or percieve skateboarding to be considered a fine art; but, yet indeed it is! Its a form of self-expression, where extraordinary gravity defying talents are met with blood, sweat and tears. Much as photography, its a fine art; When immix, the two compliment each other like a brew and a burger. New York City native Giovanni Reda full time skateboard photographer and comedian portrays all the great aspects of the skate culture. Snapping photos of the good, the bad and the UGLY in skateboarding and the life it revolves. From, Ads to just regualar skate sessions with the homies or kickin it back taking photos of a skate tour, Giovanni is a wiz. Exposing picture perfect compostions which include timing, angles and the messages he wants to deliver. Pure dexterity!

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photoshop gone too far?

we all know that celebrities and models get photoshopped into magazines. how do you think that affects us as a society and also towards the younger generations. i feel that when young adults and teenagers see these photoshopped women, they think that thats what they need to look like in order to be happy and successful. even the most beautiful popular women still get photoshopped like 1. kim kardashian. she is claimed to be beautiful, hot, and sexy. why does she still need to be photoshopped? 2.beyonce too? the third link is of a 14 year old girl who made a petition for 17 magazine to release one magazine where no photoshop is used on the models.. although they listened.. they did not agree to release an unphotoshopped edition. young adults should just be healthy and happy, no need to look the way the magazines do because they are almost all fake anyway. what do you think?



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ways of the wind

do u know how beautiful the wind can be? have you ever just stopped and stared at what the wind blows and think.. wow. here in a link where we can see what the wind is really made of. here are a few dozen images of what the wind can make simply beautiful. my favorites are the first one (the decisive moment), slide 5,8,9,12,and 25. what are your favorites?

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Living in Megacities

Photographer Martin Roemers is traveling around the world and document individuals and area in mega-cities. An mega-city is an highly populated area metropolitan area such as Tokyo and New York City. Roemers wants to know how can people live in such populated areas that is often overcrowd, Roemers aim to capture the dynamic of mega-cities.


I found this article very interesting, generally most photographers aim to capture and document secluded area. The dynamic presented in a city is much different from that of an rural or suburban area. I can’t wait to see the images captured by Roemers and how they express the environment they were taken in.

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The Dirty Tricks of Food Photographers

Who have not seen those ADS of famous restaurants presenting delicious mouthwatering food along with some desserts that you can’t resist to? Maybe you are one of those who own a cookbook filled with pictures of the food recipes inside that you cannot wait to prepare yourself. But how many times you have perfectly followed the recipe and the dish just doesn’t come out like the one displayed in the picture? Maybe you missed a step, or maybe you didn’t realize that the picture was just made to look that way. “The Dirty Tricks of Food Photographers” is an article that will open your eyes and help you learn that little secret behind those pictures of yummy dishes. Did you know that motor oil, spray deodorant and brown shoe polish are often used in order to get perfect food images? Just take a look at this article

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New Zealand native Chris McLennan has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Developing stunning images for his numerous international clients; ranging from, travel, culture, landscapes, adventure, wildlife, hotel & resort, spa and food. Skipping across time zones hopping from country to country worldwide, photographing what grabs his attention. McLennan is a world renowned photographer who takes his line of work very seriously and an outlet of entertainment and beauty; he is a perfectionist or as he says it ” nothing is sacrificed in the search for the perfect photo, Photography is my passion.” You can view his remarkable galleries in Miami or the newly open McLennan gallery in SoHo. These images are simply BREATHTAKING!….

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Third Life

“Third Life” was a monograph created by Norbert Schoerner which was a photo diary of the place he traveled. He explained that it took him a while to pick the right photographs for his monograph and that he had to pick them from 600 of them. After reading what he had to do to choose the best photographs,  it brought me back to one of our discussion in class about The Family of Man exhibition at MOMA and how the curator had to pick all those pictures he received.  Schoerner’s photographs caught my attention because I found them very peculiar. For example, there was a photograph of a ladder in the middle of a desert, the ladder looked new and it just made me wonder what was he trying to portray with this photo? I was sad to find only seven photographs from “Third Life” in the article because I wanted to see more. I tried to look for more but I could not find any. I guess I have to buy his monograph!

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“The Value of a Dollar” by Blaustein

Photographs can change our perspective about things. Sometimes, it motivates us to go forward or to stay back from some things, places and people. Jonathan Blaustein is a cooked-turned- photographer who is working in a photography project called “the Value of a Dollar” in where he emphasizes the food that we can get in our community for a dollar. He takes photographs of different types of products that we consider “food” and which we consume frequently with the purpose of showing us the differences between their real appearances versus their advertisement appearances.
What impressed me about this article is the message behind it. This photographer wants us to realize that healthier food cannot be bought for a dollar, but the food that kills us, yes! Also, most of the fast food restaurant such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC and so on use photography to enhance their products just to attract us to go and make money from us! Do you think that they care about our health? …

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Landscape Photography

Steve S. Meyer’ stated that his desire to become a photographer started very early in his life. He found inspiration, love and passion for photography from his family members (grandfather, father and uncle) and also from the place he was raised (near Baraboo Hills). He grew up looking at beautiful landscapes and therefore he was influenced by them. His photographs were in fact, breathtaking. His job on each of these landscapes photographs was impressive. Some of Meyer’s work reminded me in some way of “Pictorialism” one part looked sharper than the others. I think he did a great job with the contrast of the color, some even looked like painting. Enjoy Meyer’s work!

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“The Biodiversity Project” by Joel Sartore

It’s very interesting to read articles about photographers who are focused on the nature and everything surrounded it because they make every part of Gods’ creation a piece of art by showing us in details all the things that we do not pay attention to in sharp focus. Joel Sartore is a conservationist photographer who had been shooting animals for National Geographic for around two decades. Now, he is working in one of his biggest project called “The Biodiversity Project” in where he takes photographs of zoo-raised animals in a studio. This project will contain around thousands of photos of different animals that live in zoos and aquariums in the United States. Mr. Sartore says that the purpose of this project is to captivate the eyes of the observers with true beauty, the beauty that every animal has, but we don’t see. He wants viewers to think that “animals are cool, and they’re worth looking at.”
I was looking at some of the photographs of Mr. Sartore and I was amazed because I could see the beauty of each animal, the vivid colors of their eyes and skin. Also, I could see that animals have attitudes too.

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