Underwater photography

David Doubilet is an underwater photographer and although he argues that this type of photograph is harder than land, he proves to have talent taking underwater photographs. They are in fact BEAUTIFUL! I loved them. I felt like I was right there in the water like if I was the one taking the picture. When Mr. Doubilet described how hard it was for him to take underwater photos, it reminded me about all those time when I tried taking pictures of me and my friends underwater. I remembered taking more than one because I was afraid that they were going to come out blurry, in fact, many of them came out blurry. Doubilet photographs looked so perfect that made me wonder how long he took to take each of them, they were definitely the best prove of Mr. Doubilet’s hard work.




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  1. LeCou says:

    These photos are LARGER than life! Beyond the imagination of how I perceived aquatic life to be! I am truly fascinated on how Doubilet captured these images. After, browsing shortly through these photos it changed my whole perspective of how taking underwater could be so tough. Some images seem unreal or even “Photoshopped” but, then again I thought to myself how would I know, I dont live the life aquatic.

  2. The images are indeed captivating, varying from beautiful to poetic. I think it is interesting how he mentions the importance of the ‘decisive moment’ with this sort of photography. The underwater world is a constantly flowing and moving entity. Capturing that moment would be so very difficult, especially because of the awkward situation that is created by being underwater. Doubilet is certainly a talented photographer and I find his appreciation of the digital field refreshing as it is the most logical tool for this scenario.

  3. kathrynli says:

    The photographs were so beautiful and vivid! However, it’s depressing that not everybody is able to capture images like these. For the average individual, our only affordable option would be a disposable underwater camera. And even then, the images that we capture may not be as clear as this. However, it leaves the outcome of the photographs a mystery until the day you get them developed.

    I agree that it is extremely difficult to capture a perfect image while underwater. Most of the photographs that I took with my disposable underwater camera were blue. I was not able to capture close up photographs of anything at all. The view underwater is a lot different compared to the clarity that we have on land.

  4. asensog3 says:

    Wow his works are just awesome. The images look very 3D and appears to have some liveliness to it. I just hope that I will be able to get my photography to his level of creativity some day. For now I will just have to explore and learn more and more from his work. I’m very impressed how he makes this look very easy to capture. I wish I can jump into a submarine now and just take a tour under the sea to experience what he has been able to capture a portion of.

  5. Alexis Y says:

    David Doubilet has taken such unique pictures that capture your interest. He takes pictures where he submerges his camera halfway giving an interesting effect of the water and land. Taking pictures of animal or objects in water shows a sense of distortion, for example the photo with a baby green sea turtle paddling toward the open sea off the Nengonengo Atoll. French Polynesia, you can see how small the island looks and how the baby turtle looks gigantic compare to the island. The distortion creates the type of unique quality and beautiful abstract like effect that he can produce such beautiful photography.

  6. Carmen K. Ma says:

    These photography looks amazing! I like how he capture underwater and the land in one of his photograph of the penguins! Eventhough I never had experience in taking photograph underwater, I would say its harder. Since the temperature underwater is much colder, it can cause foggy lens(?)

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