The Inside Out Project (Street Art and Photography)

Inside Out is a art project that in my opinion, bring people, from all around the world together, for a cause that has many purposes, such as, establishing equality, emphasizing freedom, erasing the notion of self-image and it shows the real faces of people who are part of our society. I love the idea that you do not have to be beautiful or handsome, skinny or have the perfect body in order for your photograph to be posted on the street, so the people on your community and the world can see you.
By looking at some of the portraits already displayed on walls in many countries, I felt that they were touchy, homy and so emotional that fed me with sentiments of diversity, love and passion because they are photographs of people from our daily lives doing different kind of gestures, from smiling to yelling, to teach us that beauty is what we have inside of us. Our attitude, personality, who we are and what we fight for are the qualities that what make us humans.
Seeing portraits of people smiling and making fun gestures on your way home can change the mood of a sad person. I think that it would be lovely to see portraits of people smiling and laughing all around Brooklyn!
I got very interested in this project and I’m actually thinking of participating, but I don’t want to do it alone. Who wants to join me?

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