Bringing back instant films

During this course, we have discussed how photography came to be, and it seems that photography is extremely advanced now. Some may argue that it is too advanced. With all the new technology, photographs may be altered into completely different things. What ever happened to preserving the moment by taking a photo?

It seems as if the old schooled Fujifilm Instant Film cameras are being relived. I love the concept of those cameras because it is one of a kind. The fact that only ONE photo is printed out of the camera creates a sentimetal feeling. There is no screen for anybody to see how well they have posed or if everybody in the shot was ready or not. The wait for the colors to come through is also a fun aspect to instant films. You can see with your very eyes how the image reveals itself. It is, however, pricey to purchase the films. If you are interested in learning more about these instant films, visit the link below:

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