Tintype Photographs in 20 Minutes

Photobooth is a gallery where visitors can have their portrait taken and printed on tintype using the collodion process in 20 minutes.  The shop is located in the Mission District in San Francisco, California and is run by Michael Shindler. Individual 4×5 tintypes are about $60 each which is not bad for a piece of history with your picture in it. Here is a short video of owner Michael Shindler explaining the collodion process and how these photographs end up looking.


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4 Responses to Tintype Photographs in 20 Minutes

  1. superartist says:

    Michael Shindler is a very creative man I have always wanted to produce a picture like that myself I think is just so unique when photographers use methods that were used back in history to produce tintype photos . I believe that photo-booth popular will continue to grow I actually wanted to got to california one day I might go because I really want to take a picture of myself in Michael Shindler studio that is just so amazing. Every time I see this I stay in awe.

    This my post!

  2. mzambrana says:

    Tin type is part of our photography history. I think it’s very creative that the photobooth and the tin type were combined together. It is hard to say that alot of people will spend the $60.00 to have a photograph taken by the photo booth. Why? Because not along of people are of the history of photography and in today societ… people are being drawn to their digital pictures where are FREE. If people had more kowledge on photography then I would deffinetly say go for it. Either way it is deffinetly creative.

  3. Carmen K. Ma says:

    I remember Prof. Sandra passed around the plate with protrait on it. It is interesting how Michael Shindler’s photobooth store still do tintype. It is awesome to visit and have my own protrait on the plate;D

  4. asensog3 says:

    This is great. Our generation will be able to also experience history. I hope one day I will be able to get to have a feel of this process and also have my image printed on a plate.

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