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Photography as Fine Art

As defined in, fine art is a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty meaningfulness.Ā  Photography as a fine art form has subjects, concepts and ideas–showing the full potential of … Continue reading

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Capturing An Image Without Seeing it.

In the article “Capturing Dinosaurs and Whales, Without Seeing Them” A group consisting of partially blind and blind photographers explores the American Museum of Art History to capture and recreate exhibits. The trip was supervised by Vision, a Manhattan based … Continue reading

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Announcement: Grading Rubric for Papers

If you’re curious about the criteria used to evaluate your writing assignments, you can download the grading rubric. A PDF of the rubric is available under the “Class Downloads” section above. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any … Continue reading

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No longer a viewer but automatically a photographer.

From reading, art critic Roberta Smith opinion on the increasingly common use of cameras,Ā I have to say that I completely understand her position and opinion.Ā In fact fromĀ readingĀ herĀ perspective of camera useĀ in the New York Times, it’s hard to say thatĀ people are … Continue reading

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Discussion Topic: Old Processes, New Advertising

Many photographers today are reviving the photographic processes of the Civil War era. A California news article reports on several photographers in San Francisco who are producing photographs with the wet-plate process. Even Louis Vuitton highlights wet-plate photography in his … Continue reading

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Discussion Topic: Pictures of Pictures

In a New York Times article, the art critic Roberta Smith notes the increasingly common use of cameras, especially cellphones by viewers when interacting with art. In particular, she discusses the behavior of visitors to the Venice Biennale, an exhibition … Continue reading

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