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Street Photography through a Fisheye Lens

Street photographer Jook Leung takes visually stunning photographs and specializes in panoramic shots.  The amazing photos of cityscapes stretched and pulled with the fisheye lens, curving and manipulating the image.  As Leung states, “My goal is to invite the viewer … Continue reading

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Marilyn & Me–Lawrence Schiller Exhibit 5/31-6/30/12

Marilyn & Me–Lawrence Schiller Exhibit at Chelsea’s Steven Kasher Gallery Photojournalist, Pulitzer Prize/Emmy/Oscar-winner Lawrence Schiller will be on display at the Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea this upcoming June. His intimate (and beautiful) photographs of Marilyn Monroe will be exhibited–many … Continue reading

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Astronaut Photography

The link below displays some really cool pictures photographed by NASA astronauts at a space station. I just wish the article included what kind of camera was used to take these gorgeous pictures with such detail and precision. Photo #9 … Continue reading

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The Lytro Camera…a new kind of digital camera 8gig – $399 (Electric Blue, Graphite) 16gig – $499 (Red Hot) This modern, rectangular digital camera allows users to not only take great-quality photos, but its file storage has the capability of manipulating the focus of photos AFTER … Continue reading

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Photography as Fine Art

As defined in, fine art is a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty meaningfulness.  Photography as a fine art form has subjects, concepts and ideas–showing the full potential of … Continue reading

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