Street Photography through a Fisheye Lens

Street photographer Jook Leung takes visually stunning photographs and specializes in panoramic shots.  The amazing photos of cityscapes stretched and pulled with the fisheye lens, curving and manipulating the image.  As Leung states, “My goal is to invite the viewer to wander, explore and discover within a visual canvas that is the sum of my experiences as a photographer.”

I was first introduced to the magic of the fisheye lens by my photographer friends, and immediately saw the cool factor of developed and printed pictures. Check out Jook Leung’s photos and see for yourself–the images he perfects with his camera lens capture your attention, and one immediately begins to appreciate the different (angular) perspectives of these city portraits.

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5 Responses to Street Photography through a Fisheye Lens

  1. ahna0812 says:

    the images are simply amazing. sometime i like to take photo with fish lens, because i think it’s very cool and make the image pop out. also, will show the main focus point of the image. Jook Leung made a great work with the fisheye lens, the image is pooping out from my eyes, and i love his photography, because it’s very simple

  2. Carmen K. Ma says:

    Jook Leung’s photograph really catches viewer’s attention esp the colors!
    I also have a fisheyes camera. It makes cool effects but I cant view my photos right away since its in film.

  3. mohsensoofi says:

    fisheye lenses and panoramic 360 degrees pictures always my favorite, it gives the viewer the ability to explore the surrounding view.
    i was looking everywhere on how to make 360 degrees panoramic pictures and found a neat app for the iPhone that makes it possible. the app is by Microsoft, its called photosynth

  4. LeCou says:

    I enjoy the concept of introducing fish-eye lens as your only unique stand point of capturing images. But, some photos seemed photoshopped or even amateur at times. I feel ambivalent, over the photos the photgrapher has to offer. Maybe, its the lighting or the way the colours coming into play with these images or even the angle of the photo taken; but, I did not feel so intruiguged into the images presented.

  5. asensog3 says:

    This idea of seeing images from the point of view of a fish is just captivating. The images captured looks very natural and broad. You are able to see a very bigger picture than a regular lens is able to capture. Very impressed with these images.

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