The Lytro Camera…a new kind of digital camera

8gig – $399 (Electric Blue, Graphite)
16gig – $499 (Red Hot)

This modern, rectangular digital camera allows users to not only take great-quality photos, but its file storage has the capability of manipulating the focus of photos AFTER they have been taken! Imagine taking a picture, and as you are viewing it, you notice it is slightly/very off focus. This camera makes that problem a thing of the past.

The first thing that come to mind are the beautiful pictures that can be made with this camera. You could take a photo, focus in on a subject, and make the rest out of focus, creating a great photo. Or, you could fix the focus if it has been taken out of focus where you wanted it to be sharp.

Imagine the beautiful pictures that could be made for wedding photography? Or, landscape photography?

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6 Responses to The Lytro Camera…a new kind of digital camera

  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    Hmmm, that looks very nice and easy to use, I may have to see if there is one at B&H to try out, thanks for posting

  2. mohsensoofi says:

    I’ve seen some reviews about this little camera, it seems to be very good and handy, the size makes it excellent to carry in you pocket, the mail feature i like about it is the close up focus it has, it can take high quality macro pictures as good as a DSLR

  3. sandyng925 says:

    This seems like a great product that could possibly take photoshop out of the market. with the new technology we have seen over the years this one takes the cake. it has a different style than the rest of the cameras out there which would attract different unique people. there are also interesting features to this camera that are great for new photographers that are just starting out. It also allows people to be creative when editing photo’s.

  4. zee215 says:

    Saw this camera in the tech blogs when it was released, still trying to find a place where I can demo it myself. You know a product it innovative when Steve Jobs himself tried to acquire Lytro technology for apple products.,2817,2399280,00.asp

  5. Carmen K. Ma says:

    The size of the digitial camera and the great-quality photos attracts me! It fits at pocket and can be carry around easily.I will love to try to product in store.

  6. ahna0812 says:

    this camera look cool and kinda attract me, because of the size. every digital camera size that give good quality photo is very huge and very heavy, and this camera can give me good-quality of photo and the size of the camera it can fit in the poket and not that heavy. it’s very easy to carry around. i think i will go check it online or in store sometime .

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