No longer a viewer but automatically a photographer.

From reading, art critic Roberta Smith opinion on the increasingly common use of cameras, I have to say that I completely understand her position and opinion. In fact from reading her perspective of camera use in the New York Times, it’s hard to say that people are not becoming photographers themselves, because they are. I totally agree with Roberta Smith because when people attend exhibits they are no longer the ” viewers”. My perspective on this topic is that the camera becomes the
“viewer” and the person captivating the picture through the camera automatically become the “photographer “. Don’t you agree?

In addition, from viewing the photographs provided in  the article, it obvious that photography is gradually changing. The art critic herself stated that people are no longer holding their camera close to their eyes. Just as the articles title ” When the Camera Takes Over for the Eye.”  They are now, looking from a distance and that distance is through a “digital” screen. Viewers, now have the opportunity and ability to of taking a picture from their own perspective. The viewer, the “photographer” is now able to position the camera in a way that he/she sees the art.

Although at the same time, it is safe to say that taking pictures of pictures is a way of connecting and almost “staying in the moment”.  Taking pictures of pictures is in fact the new way of “remembering “what is and definitely what was. Everywhere, people go and the places people visit, people are taking their portable digital camera. This category may include, digital camera, phone, even an IPOD these days have cameras. It’s amazing! With this said, the portable camera is easier especially faster for the viewer. In 2012, a picture is literally a click away.


Student Maria Zambrana

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