I-phoneography, is it photography or art in its own form?

I-phoneography is it photography or art in its own form? Can it or will be, that is the question. It is very difficult to say but, now through the digital age of photography, it has been much easier to develop and manipulate photos. With an i-phone images can deem just alike to  images taken with a professional camera..with the assistance of countless enhancements called apps, in where over 20,000 can be found in the store specifically for photos. In my opinion, “A photo is worth a thousand words” doesn’t matter what was the source of its production; but, I consider images taken with an I-phone is to be set more of casual rather than, along the lines of professional images. In the end, ART is any form of self-expression and with an I-phone it can create just that and make calls, thats a plus!

Check it out @ http://www.iphone-art.net/

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  1. vera says:

    I absolutely agree with you on the idea of some works being artistic mo matter what their source of its production is. The photographs on the blog are amazing but part of them are only great because of the heavy editing. I love manipulation in photographs and quiet often i do it myself, however, I don’t know whether or not the credit should be given to an I-phone. I-phoneography is only great because of the creativity of the I-phone users, the rest, including the name is another advertising strategy created by Apple.

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