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“The Value of a Dollar” by Blaustein

Photographs can change our perspective about things. Sometimes, it motivates us to go forward or to stay back from some things, places and people. Jonathan Blaustein is a cooked-turned- photographer who is working in a photography project called “the Value … Continue reading

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“The Biodiversity Project” by Joel Sartore

It’s very interesting to read articles about photographers who are focused on the nature and everything surrounded it because they make every part of Gods’ creation a piece of art by showing us in details all the things that we … Continue reading

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The Inside Out Project (Street Art and Photography)

Inside Out is a art project that in my opinion, bring people, from all around the world together, for a cause that has many purposes, such as, establishing equality, emphasizing freedom, erasing the notion of self-image and it shows the … Continue reading

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“Bottle Bell” by Ashley Lebedev

In the process of looking for interesting photography articles to post in this lab, a photography website called “Bottle Bell” appeared in between all those millions of websites that came up from Google, and caught my eyes because of its … Continue reading

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Instragram: Most popular photo-trend

About 2 months ago, I started seeing more and more beautiful photos with all kind of effects and contrast on my friends’ facebook posts that appeared on my new-feeds. At first, I inferred that they were using photoshop or a … Continue reading

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