Third Life

“Third Life” was a monograph created by Norbert Schoerner which was a photo diary of the place he traveled. He explained that it took him a while to pick the right photographs for his monograph and that he had to pick them from 600 of them. After reading what he had to do to choose the best photographs,  it brought me back to one of our discussion in class about The Family of Man exhibition at MOMA and how the curator had to pick all those pictures he received.  Schoerner’s photographs caught my attention because I found them very peculiar. For example, there was a photograph of a ladder in the middle of a desert, the ladder looked new and it just made me wonder what was he trying to portray with this photo? I was sad to find only seven photographs from “Third Life” in the article because I wanted to see more. I tried to look for more but I could not find any. I guess I have to buy his monograph!

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