ways of the wind

do u know how beautiful the wind can be? have you ever just stopped and stared at what the wind blows and think.. wow. here in a link where we can see what the wind is really made of. here are a few dozen images of what the wind can make simply beautiful. my favorites are the first one (the decisive moment), slide 5,8,9,12,and 25. what are your favorites?


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  1. moley says:

    Artists often use the wind as subject matter, especially photographing flags. The wind can give rise to life and new beginnings. Tiny seeds from plants and trees are carried on it, so are human emotions and dreams. America whose flag so proudly waves in the great wind of change.

    These particular images are gorgeous with rich detail you might not notice until you look at the image produced. The decisive moment for sure, everyone and their mother is looking for the next great shot or image that fall into their laps. Perhaps that perfect moment is passing you by, just like wind. As Ferris Bueller once said, if you don’t stop to look around at the world sometimes, you might miss it.

    With every breeze a decisive moment begins and ends, how will you capture it…

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