“The Biodiversity Project” by Joel Sartore

It’s very interesting to read articles about photographers who are focused on the nature and everything surrounded it because they make every part of Gods’ creation a piece of art by showing us in details all the things that we do not pay attention to in sharp focus. Joel Sartore is a conservationist photographer who had been shooting animals for National Geographic for around two decades. Now, he is working in one of his biggest project called “The Biodiversity Project” in where he takes photographs of zoo-raised animals in a studio. This project will contain around thousands of photos of different animals that live in zoos and aquariums in the United States. Mr. Sartore says that the purpose of this project is to captivate the eyes of the observers with true beauty, the beauty that every animal has, but we don’t see. He wants viewers to think that “animals are cool, and they’re worth looking at.”
I was looking at some of the photographs of Mr. Sartore and I was amazed because I could see the beauty of each animal, the vivid colors of their eyes and skin. Also, I could see that animals have attitudes too.



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  1. lalizazhu says:

    When I was looking for photography articles I found this article as well. The photographs are adorable. I think Sartore did a great job using either black or white background on each photograph in the case of the Caribbean flamingos which i loved, the black background make the color of the flamingos looked brighter. I just wonder what were those yellow and gray ( kind of metal) bracelets for? What did the number mean? There are certain photographs showing the beauty of the each animal however I could not agree that all of them show beauty. For instance, I could not see anything beautiful about the last photograph ( Indian rhinoceros) but it was obvious that Sartore did, which proved that professional photographers view things from a different perspective.

  2. Jian Huang says:

    wow, as i surfing the site i came upon this article and i thought to my self that is one amazing picture and i definitely have to read the article. i think Sartore did a really great job taking these photos. I love how i can see every detail of the animal from his photographs. I can even see their pupils on some of the photos. Also the baby monkey picture is adorable.

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