An Aspiring Photographer’s Outlook

An acquittance and close friend Alberto Vargas an aspiring photographer takes the photography world by storm. At only 19 years of age Alberto Vargas  has exhibited photos in Lower Manhattan galleries and traveled the world on photo shoots with commercial photographers, straight out of High School. Beginning with his infatuation of photography when his father ( former photographer) handed a camera of his own to younger Alberto and has grown fondly of the language ever since. Alberto captures images of what he finds to be beautiful in everyday life. Whether its stills of the New York City Life, Portraits of family and friends, Skateboarding or anything else he encounters as alluring. These photos are truly fascinating, you can take a glance at each image and see the entailment of a story in between. He is more than a photographer or an artist, he captures life.


Check it out :

*Scroll through the photos with the bottom sliding bar to explore the world of Mr. Vargas*


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3 Responses to An Aspiring Photographer’s Outlook

  1. ahna0812 says:

    Alberto Vargas have an amazing photography. i had look through those images that he took. his images had make me interesting, because the protrait he took was wonderful. however, some of his image was out of focus, i donno if he did it in purpose or is was mistake. but i like the feeling that he took the photography.

    • aleckzzz23 says:

      I agree that Alberto Vargas has passion to photography. I did not find any mistaken photographs that were out of focus. Maybe just one photo was way not sharp, but again it was an artistic interpretation. If you were talking about some blurriness and smudges in the backgrounds then It would be just shallow depth of field or the motion effects. In any way it was done deliberately.

      I think that he is really good at color portraiture. The way he works with color is noticeable. The color schemes he uses are very tasteful and look professional. However the compositions could have been more interesting and some photos does not even belong to his portfolio — they are too banal and too standard.

    • Jian Huang says:

      i will have to disagree with you on this one, i don’t know why but i don’t see “art” from his photos. They are more like everyday pictures people took with their cell phones and then photoshopped so it has that glare effect.

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