photoshop gone too far?

we all know that celebrities and models get photoshopped into magazines. how do you think that affects us as a society and also towards the younger generations. i feel that when young adults and teenagers see these photoshopped women, they think that thats what they need to look like in order to be happy and successful. even the most beautiful popular women still get photoshopped like 1. kim kardashian. she is claimed to be beautiful, hot, and sexy. why does she still need to be photoshopped? 2.beyonce too? the third link is of a 14 year old girl who made a petition for 17 magazine to release one magazine where no photoshop is used on the models.. although they listened.. they did not agree to release an unphotoshopped edition. young adults should just be healthy and happy, no need to look the way the magazines do because they are almost all fake anyway. what do you think?



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  1. Alexis Y says:

    It is so true that women are trying to look perfect as was being displayed throughout Cindy Sherman exhibition. Women get obsessed with having good figures trying to look like the models in the magazines. There are many people who don’t know that magazine companies photoshops the figures of the celebrities in their magazine. Women strive for a body that doesn’t exist. Photoshoping images may look nice, but it’s not showing the true beauty of people. This is basically telling me that there are many celebrities that are very insecure and may also have an obsession with having a perfect body. That is why anorexia seems to be the “in thing” in the model /fashion world. Everyone wants to be a size zero!

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