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  1. Kar Lee

    Class notes PSY 3405-D931 : 2/5/15
    As written by Kar Lee

    Class Objectives:
    – Remind again for the Placebo experience assignment
    – Watch video “The Wonder Pill”
    – Open lab challenge

    Assignment due:
    We will need to have smartphone to record the volunteer for 10-15 seconds to memorize the list of words. Access to a YouTube account and upload the placebo experiment video or we can attach the video to Professor email. After we need to submit the response on the open lab challenge and it is due on Tuesday 2/10/15.

    We watched the video in class and it was about placebo effect which is a sugar pills that people can tested out the brain function. The show talk on one person who took sugar pill and the other person took the fake pill on their health of a patient.


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