Hi All-

Thank you for a great semester.  For your final reflection (which is a percentage of your overall participation grade and worth 2 points, instead of 1) please answer the following three questions below.

Have a great summer! It was a pleasure getting to know each of you and achieve our course objectives!

1) What would you say to someone taking this course next year? What tips or advice would you give them?

2) How might this class have informed your future work as a student, professional, and/or community citizen?  What lessons stood out the most and will be carried with you going forward?

3) Last but not least (2-part question), now that you’ve learned about what a health psychologist is, I want you to describe whether or not you’d make a good health psychologist.  AND I would like you to describe if you would make a good patient.  Based on what was covered in class would you make a good health psychologists and a compliant patient?

Thanks again for a GREAT semester.  Have a FUN and SAFE break.


Below you will find links to the assignment (grading rubric/questions/description of paper) as well as Transcripts for each episode of Race: The Power of an Illusion.  You can use these transcripts as well as the student generated note, slides, and other resources here on OpenLab to complete the assignment.

Critical Race Paper Rubric

Transcripts of Episode One: The Difference Between Us

Transcripts of Episode Two: The Story We Tell

Transcripts of Episode Three: The House We Live In

Papers are due April 14 via Blackboard.  Under the content area you will see “Critical Race Paper”.  There you can attach your paper for submission.

****It is being submitted using SafeAssign which will check  your paper for plagiarism. You will see the authenticity of your paper, as SafeAssign will provide a report to you. ****

“Bad Blood” Tuskegee Syphilis Project

Use link below for pdf article:


DUE THURSDAY, February 19th, 2015

Please read the following case study. It is related to our class discussion on research methods, and includes important dimension related to race and health research ethics.

At its end you will see 5 questions.  Please respond below to 2 questions of your choice.

Link Below: “A Different Way to Heal”

This is the link to the film watched in class 2/5/15.  If you were not in attendance, you will be able to watch the video here.  This is the only video that will be watched in class that is available to you online.  PLEASE be sure to attend all scheduled classes so you might watch the films.  For example, “Race: The Power of an Illusion” is a three-part film on which your paper is based.  You will NOT want to miss any of those viewings.  Enjoy the weekend!


p.s.- Click on “Episode 7” to watch

Race Masks Racial Health Disparities


You have been asked to watch the video of Jaffe giving a speech at a psychological convention. The video is available through the link on this course page.

Please reply below with the following comments:

-In no more than a few sentences, please describe what you believe health disparities are. Use the topics covered in the video clip.
-Then, in another sentence or two, describe you think psychologists can do to reduce racial health disparities in the United States.

This discussion assignment is DUE by MONDAY February 16, 2015.