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  1. jeanmariee94

    It amazes me how race became a matter of the courts. The term melting pot talked of naturalization and becoming white by law. It was a time of increased immigration and these immigrants, although having white skin, were not considered white. They were given the worst jobs and housed in disease ridden residences. I am horrified how because of these naturalization laws, the courts gained a huge power that was unjust, totally against what the courts represent. They even were able to strip American citizenship after it was given. Whiteness became more than skin color, but more of having opportunity and rights. It shows me how not too long ago, these ideals and steriotypes were real and why they still have to an extent have previaled today.

    1. AAlmond Post author

      Please answer the questions provided after watching the entire film.
      This is a good response, and I am eager to read how you would answer the question provided. The legal aspects are surprisingly under-studied and privilege due to race is often left out of important conversations. Glad you picked up on that.


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