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Our 1st Guest Lecturer is D. Robert MacDougall, Assistant Professor of Philosophy here at City Tech where he teaches Health Care Ethics in the Social Science department.  Please read Chapter 12: Health Care Systems and Health Policy- Effects on Health Outcomes in preparation for his class talk.

You are instructed to submit ONE question to MacDougall based on your reading.

This question is DUE FRIDAY February 27th, 2015

Please submit your questions to upcoming guest lecturers below for course credit:

40 thoughts on “Guest Lecturers

  1. Altenor

    Medically, for the sake of saving humanity of conflicts of interest between physicians and their consumers, why do Private Managed Care Organizations still jeopardize individual health outcomes?

  2. Keven Deng

    If the universal health care of other countries like Canada, United Kingdom, etc which feature a single payer system provides similar benefits of access to health care similar to that of private insurance plans where quality is essential but at a lower cost. Why do you believe the United States decide to instead use the multipayer system with regard to the health care provide?

  3. jeanmariee94

    Do you think the Affordable Healthcare Act will make a positive or negative differrence in the way the healthcare systtem works? Do you believe that people with this type of health insurance get treated differently?

  4. Isaac D. O

    When researchers compare and contrast the PROS and CONS between the Single-Payer system practice in Uk to the Multipayer systems practice in U.S.A, It is was found that even the wealthiest Americans had poorest heath profiles than the average working-class English person, so what factors prevent America from practicing the Single-Payer system as fellow industrilised countries ?

  5. A. Cynthia Parvinn

    How would federal legalization of euthanasia impact the American healthcare system economically and tie in with the Affordable Healthcare Act? From an ethical standpoint, what is your opinion on physician-assisted suicide?

  6. Veronica

    Is the Affordable Healthcare Act really helping everyone equally, what changes could be made to the health care policies to provide equal healthcare to everyone?

  7. Rafael

    With Obama Care, why did they make it that the children of workers with health insurance be part of their parents insurance until they reached 26 years of age? Why weren’t they able to opt out of their parents insurance and get medicaid or find a health insurance that was better convenient for a child with certain type of medical condition? Why do some health insurance charge so much more for medicine than medicaid? I understand it has to do with a person income, but how is a single mother of 3, who makes more than she has to, have her child who has been in medicaid all of their life, be part of her work’s health insurance, then have to pay for medicine that is free for the child, if the child is was in medicaid? Why is that o.k.? and why wasn’t it fix or looked upon? Why is it always about money in this capitalist country when it comes to health?

  8. Sadiquah

    Why don’t you think the U.S. has not adopted the single payer system approach to health care; after knowing that other developed countries practice it and successfully provide health care to their people?

  9. dorcas

    Since emotional intelligence of physicians have been proven to be a very important aspect of trust and health outcome for patients, what is the health care system doing or has done to educate physicians in this regard? Also what can we do to change the attitude of the less privileged society to the importance of becoming active participants in their health care.

  10. daniel quiles

    Do you think that healthcare should be given to everyone ? It seems like health is becoming A luxury , that no everyone can afford .

    Do you think if everyone is entitled to healthcare will treatment improve or become poor?

  11. Margaret Spence

    To: D. Robert MacDougall, my question to you is about preventive care. With Preventive Care approach to health care. We talk about educating consumers about the benefits of Preventive Care, and does health care behaviors change with Wellness Visits. If so, why don’t more health insurance company implement them?

  12. kareshma

    Will the Affordable Health Care Act be of any help to uninsured people? Yes, it is affordable now, but does it ensure quality treatment or poor treatment. How affective is this toward the health care system of our country and to it’s people?

  13. benny

    Can a person’s health Status affect the kind of heath care plan they get? For example can a person with Alzheimer qualify for Affordable insurance where all their medically bills are paid for without them paying any differences .

  14. Keila Gordon

    D. Robert Mcdougall, do you believe there are better ways to improve our health care system, more as in financial help, and if so what steps should be taken to make sure no one is negatively affected by the ways of better improvement.

  15. Kar Lee

    What is the purpose of different health care systems and the impact of individual health outcomes? Also, did the affordable care act improve health care systems outcome?

  16. Jibriel

    What are your views about health care and health policies of our country? Also, in the book it states that out of all the age groups the group rang form 25-35 have the highest percentage of not being insured? How would you encourage this young group to get insured why or why not?

    Thank You

  17. rssp044

    Do you think that providing affordable health care plans to people should be the choice of the people or the choice of the policy makers?

  18. Li

    Do you think Obama Care is a viable solution to the health care problems that we have? Do you think there are ways to effectively reduce the health care cost?

  19. iespinoza

    Is it in hands of the health care industry to attenuate the growing population of apathetic health care professionals? If so, which approach should be taken to address this issue? If not the health care industry, who then is responsible?

  20. Slangford

    Do you think when health care workers see a certain type of insurance for a patient they automatically fell they should treat a patient a certain way? How can that be adressed

  21. Ricardo Nedd

    Single pay systems have worked in other developed nations, do you believe it can be successful if implimented in our country?

    Should health care be controlled by the individual states as opposed to the federal, which gives us a better chance at better controls, such as cost?

    With the increasing control of our health care system by insurance companies leading to shorter hospital stays & rising health care cost, where do you see health care trending in the next 10 years, what policy changes do you see forth coming?

  22. matty65

    Hello Prof. MacDougall;
    I’m sure you’re getting a lot of questions about the Affordable Care Act. As we know the Affordable Care Act is not a universal health care system but rather a method of maximizing the amount of the population that is covered by health insurance. Its goal, in my opinion, is not only to extend access to health care to more people but also to make it possible for everyone to pay their bill. In the most simple of business models if you sell a number of product “A” but only receive payment for half of what you sell you will inevitable be I the red. It makes much more sense to get payment for all of the product sold even if the payments are somewhat reduced. Does this thinking make sense in the health care arena? Is it possible that O’bama Care is just the first step in a much grander scheme of health care reform?

  23. Raz

    Between Obama care and Medicaid – both being government funding insurance, is it better to work full time not be qualified for medicaid yet having to spend high deductibles and all out of pocket expenses with Obama care? What benefits does obamacare give over Medicaid?
    Can an employer sponsored health plan be changed without the employees consent?
    Wouldn’t qualifications for Medicaid cause people to want to work less and have a cash based job to not have the worst Obama care plan offered by an employer?
    It’s been reported that English residents have overall better health than Americans because of the universal health care system – is it possible for America to conform to this health care system, and how would that transformation look like?

  24. Rpalma89

    What do you think would be the overall affect of obamacare in the United states? Do you think it’s had an overall positive affect on those who can barely afford it? Do you think it’s fair that people get penalized when they don’t sign up?


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