Professor’s Notes


That pretty much sums up what was covered in class.  Please review Student Class Notes (find under Class Notes–just click your section) if you would like more detailed notes.



WEEK TWO NOTES:  Notes attached for 2_3_15  Notes for 2_5_15 are supplemented with the link to the video watched in class: “A Different Way to Heal”

WEEK TWO 2_3_15 (Professor)

WEEK THREE NOTES: Notes attached for 2_10_15.  Handouts from film also included.

No class 2_12_15 (College Closed)

WEEK THREE 2_10_15

RACE – The Power of an Illusion_10 Things About Race

RACE – The Power of an Illusion_Human Diversity

Powerpoint Slides for Week Four 2_17_15

Powerpoint Slides for Week Four 2_19_15

WEEK FIVE Powerpoint Slides 3_10_15

WEEK FIVE: Privilege Checklist

Critical Race Paper Rubric

PSY3405 Chapter 7 Stress and Coping Powerpoint Slides

chapter 8 hiv_aids

chapter 9 Cardiovascular Disease

10thingstoknowabouthealth– Notes from 4/16 film

Chronic Pain

Understanding and Treating people with chronic illness


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