Link Below: “A Different Way to Heal”

This is the link to the film watched in class 2/5/15.  If you were not in attendance, you will be able to watch the video here.  This is the only video that will be watched in class that is available to you online.  PLEASE be sure to attend all scheduled classes so you might watch the films.  For example, “Race: The Power of an Illusion” is a three-part film on which your paper is based.  You will NOT want to miss any of those viewings.  Enjoy the weekend!


p.s.- Click on “Episode 7” to watch

2 thoughts on “Link Below: “A Different Way to Heal”

  1. anthonynedd

    The video was extremely enlightening because it showed equal differences between black and whites genetically. We are more alike that we know. However the physical and visual differences between races are so noticeable that its easy to buy in and believe the propaganda we’ve heard and been though for centuries. The genetic diversity in Africa was astonishing to me, though it makes sense since we’ve been thought that civilization started there.

  2. Veronica

    I think the movie was very interesting because it portrays how society views people’s characteristics based on a racial emphasis which is very realistic in our society. Instead of our traits being distinguished as of that of pertaining to a specific race, our traits should be perceived as pertaining to a specific entity as the homosapiens we are rather than trying to classify us as different species within our own. We all have our unique traits but that is because we are all different and not just physically which is what’s being focused on here. We can’t grow as people if we do not unite everyone or judge people based on their exterior.


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