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WikiGalaxy and Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources

After viewing the video and reading about the WikiGalaxy, along with the article about primary, secondary, and tertiary sources, I find that a visualization about the relevance of sources and their relationships indicated by a link, the yellow line, is “pretty” amazing. To be able to see and sense the closeness or distances of the relationships of sources can provide another means of gauging how well or important sources would be to my research. This would aid in keeping me “on-track” and in helping me to save time on gathering relevant information for my researches. I will no longer be swamped by, literally, millions of search results and be forced to rummage through seemingly infinite amounts of data that would cost me invaluable time, energy, resources, etc. I would not have to rely solely on trying to figure out “keywords,” appropriate databases, and ideal search engines. I could now see how closely articles would be related to my topics. I like this “new” feature!