GIS as a tool for research

Geographical Informational System (GIS) as a tool for research is now an integral part for many institutions for analyzing and planning architecture, infrastructure, facilities, etc. especially for ensuring conformity to established policies and regulation; however, the GIS technologies available today are still not advanced enough to forecast accurately. The potential for improvements in planning and development of human and environmental interests are still adequate enough to continue to use and improve GIS capabilities and qualities. Also, enabling more user friendly apps will help to permit data to be more efficiently, effectively, and appropriately acquired and discriminated, so not only less than expert GIS users can have access and implementation to this incredible technological resource. The only major concerns now are in the ways that this publically accessible information will be used. Also, there needs to be a cost effective means for verification and confirmation of the accuracy, legitimacy, proper and ethical uses, etc. of the open source GIS technologies. GIS technologies may help in many ways but there are still more complexities and concerns involved/inherent within the use and improvement of GIS technologies. The work load still doesn’t become reduced, but the gain in quality of life and of the environment is priceless. GIS technology is worth the investment of reasonable resources, it is economically and environmentally profitable, and it is worth every effort thus far…

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