Where I’m From We Eat By: Jianwen Sun inspired By: Willie Perdomo

If I said I was from Shanghai, China, where contours of ground buildings everywhere, sprawling lines of cars are on the all roads, and patient people with light smiles love their life, would you know where I’m from? Where I am from we enjoy Shanghai cuisine, which is cooked by the use of some  alcohol, soy sauce and sugar. Alcohol, soy sauce and sugar are just like three members of   “red cooking” family,which is most  popular cooking style in the east of China. Salted meats and preserved vegetables are added  frequently into the dishes, especially into the soup. One of  famous classical dishes is “sweet and sour spare ribs”, which can be found in all restaurants in Shanghai. This dish is made of traditional rich sweet and sour sauce and spare ribs with a little rice yellow alcohol. In my memory, my grandfather cooks the best. When I go back home after school, a familiar smell escapes out the door. Then, my stomach begins to work. My chopsticks stand by always. I believe it’s my favorite dish in my life. I recommend everyone to try it!


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